We think golf can be cool and look good to boot!

And it doesn't have to be some bird with half a golf swing getting her tits out...

Here's what we mean!

Arnold Palmer

Slick hair, a fag on the go, cool polo, Popeye forearms and looks like he doesn't give a fuck.

Arnold is the original style icon that brought the game to the masses and made it look good!

Susana Benavides

When you think of Bolivian exports and golf you'd probably be thinking about Dustin Johnson but this one is even better.

Susana plays on the your below LPGA and the cynics among you will probably say she will just be another Paige Spiranac and be more famous for her extra-curricular.

Could be worse!

Justin Timerlake (And Jessica Biel)

With his NSync days way behind him Timberlake has carved out a little bit of a credibility for himself.

Everyone loved a bit of 'Sexy Back' (you can admit it!) mixed with a couple of decent acting roles in films such as 'The Social Network' (admittedly in between a load of crap!)

One thing you can't argue is he's a good looking chap and we quite like his RLX polo here at Pebble. Jessica Biel ain't too bad either!

Jessica Alba

If you're tired of all the blonde bimbos who've broke 80 a few times and are now models or are Insta-famous then Jessica Alba is the perfect tonic.

Absolutely stunning and combines looking hot, stylish and classy on the course!

We're in love!

Sean Connery

You don't get much cooler than James Bond. Then you get Sean Connery As James Bond!

Here Connery is leaving his London basement flat with a set of blades and some turnups... how has golf somehow managed not to be cool with stuff like this?!

Rickie Folwer (and friends!)

You can try your best not to like Rickie Fowler but at the end of the day it proves pretty tough.

The realisation occurs that if you were young, good looking, rich and ridiculously talented you'd be just like him... to be honest we think we'd be absolute nobs!

Severiano Ballesteros

For all the legendary shots, incredible escapes and swishing and swooshing Seve was an incredibly handsome chap with style to boot.

The polo he is rocking here in the early 70s would go down a treat today in 2016. Just a pity we don't have 1% of the great man's talent or those eyebrows!

Paulina Gretsky

If we were Dustin Johnson we'd ban Paulina from the course. How on earth can a human man concentrate on six foot putts when she is walking about being a 10?!

Also he's got the distraction of every lad (pictured below) within the property perving on her!

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

Continuing the James Bond theme of earlier Alex Turner rocks Gucci loafers in a bunker here before popping a decent looking shot out then blowing out some smoke.

Cool. As. Fuck.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.