Who? – SkyCaddie

What? – Linx GT

Why? – You’re sick to death of using the dodgy on course markers

How? – 3 in 1 technology so you spend more time pissing off your mates analysing your game as you go!

Distance is key

Gone are the days of stepping out your yardage from the 150 post to your ball. Instead of spending a fiver on a Mars bar and a yardage book, technology has nudged us to spend a little more on posh Casio’s that not only tell you how long you’ve got left before your bird calls, but can also tell you how far you’ve hit your driver out off the tee.

So what does it do?

It’s a GPS system that simply tells you how far you’ve got to the front, middle and back of the green, from pretty much every shit situation you manage to get yourself into.

There are 35,000 pre-loaded courses to choose from that have been mapped out by trained golf course mappers.

If you want to see how many fairways you didn’t hit, the watch also has a tracking system that links to an app on your Nokia 3210 or potentially more modern phone.

Instead of bragging about how many pints you sunk the night before, you’re now able to show your mates you hit your 5-iron further than your playing partners drive on the fourth.

By tagging your clubs, the rangefinder gives you an accurate reflection of location and distance of each shot which you can share with other SkyCaddie friends, and even your golf professional.

I’m not sure I’d be too confident in sharing it with my pro….

Looks sharp...

Not only does it tell you how bad you are at golf, but it also tells you how many burgers you’ve burnt trudging round the course. You can also link this to your phone so you can look like an ultimate GCW on the course, answering your tinder messages as you play!  

From a looks perspective, it’s smart enough to wear to the discotheque on a Friday night and not look out of place next to an iwatch. It comes in a sleek black finish, with a comfortable strap which makes it easy to wear and play. 

SkyCaddie’s latest tech release is pretty cool. If you’re like me and get aroused by new tech, then what a Valentine's present to yourself this could have been!

'Watch' this space for its release in the Spring!  (Sorry)

Words - George Egford

£229.95 - Linx GT Package - Watch + 1 SmartTag + 12 month app membership

£269.95 - Linx GT Gametracker Edition - Watch + All SmartTags + 12 month app membership

£59.95 - Gametracker SmartTags

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