Who? – Cobra Golf

What? – King Wedges

Why? – The old “Trusty Rusty” ain’t so trusty

How? – New progressive groove design to deliver maximum rip. Ricky’s clearly been in the design studio with the ever elusive orange touch…

Cobra announced today their new set of King wedges, with three types of R Kelly’s 'Bump N' Grind' options for use in different turf conditions.

If you live in the UK it looks like you’d need all three at the moment, one for frost, one for swamp like conditions and the other for that one bit of fringe you find that’s actually playable. 

So what’s different from any wedge out there at the moment?

Well clearly something if you look at Fowler’s form. Variable face roughness on all options as well as a new and improved groove mechanism are all new to the wedges, after two years in production. Working with the likes of Fowler, Blixt and the team, the boys at Cobra seem pretty confident that these are the best options out there! 

Apart from softness and feel, which is pretty much a given in all wedges, Cobra seemed to have spent a lot of time and research into the making of the grooves.

To me and you, they’re just lines on the golf club you clean with a tee to look like you know what you’re doing, but to better players they’re a big deal.

The grooves are wider and have further gapping on higher lofted wedges, enabling the ball to be gripped to create more spin. So for that one time you land the ball hole high, you can now literally wave your ball off the front of the green into the bunker... Perfect! 

As with pretty much everything materialistic, looks play a big part. You wouldn’t date someone just based on their personality? And if you do she's probably ugly!

So choosing golf clubs should be no different.

Aesthetically, Cobra have made these pleasing to the eye. Now I’m not saying I’d date these as that would be fucking weird, kind of like those programmes on Channel Four where some guy is nobbing his car. But these do fit the bill!

Cobra look to be catching up with the big boys and never seem to disappoint with new releases of gear. 

They have a decent brand ambassador who’s not too shabby at golf, has a pretty cool Instagram account for a golfer but I won’t 'Puma' pants at the thought of how much money he’s earnt in the last few of weeks.

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Words - George Egford

Options - Classic, Versatile and Widelow

Price - £89

Available - April Fools' Day

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