Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler will battle under floodlights the week before the US Open...

Quicken Loans will host a match between Rory, Rickie and their 'friends' under floodlights, and excitingly for our American cousins at primetime for them. Or 'well late' for us.

After probably getting the idea from #GCW's excellent Golf Champions League article recently (Come back and read this after!) the event looks set to go forward on June 7th at Detroit Golf Club, on the Tuesday of US Open week.

The 'friends' element will be the rather overused and dull idea that we need celebrities of sorts to make anything entertaining these days, like we didn't see enough shit at Pebble this week?!

Rather than concentrate on two of the best young players in the world going at it head to head we have to see Justin Timberlake and Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air do that 20-year old dance to give us our LOLZ.

Why do we need to see people no better at golf than us, playing golf? Weird concept that isn't successful in any other sport!

At least it's in America so there is little chance of Anton Du Beke showing up or Bruce Forsythe doing that fucking pose.

If Quicken Loans need extra razzmatazz or to steal more of our ideas then why don't they have the two players coming out to 'Lose Yourself' and having a rap battle on the 1st tee near the home of 8 Mile?

I for one would love to see Rory dropping some bars about Rickie's ex, before throwing the mic on the floor and banging a 340-yard drive on pro tracer.

In all seriousness we're all for anything to make TV golf more entertaining than the 72-hole strokeplay snorefest we see most weeks, and this will probably do that

So after the financial crash took so much money out of the game it's a massive thanks to the mortgage company Quicken Loans for breathing life back into it, in a city full of abandoned homes.

Life is complicated sometimes... probably easier to switch your brain off and laugh uncontrollably at the Carlton dance!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.