New Nike RZN Tour - Taking Down the Pro V1?

Who? – Nike

What? – RZN Tour Golf Ball

Why? – To make you think the ball WILL carry longer and further

How? – 13558 micro dimples within 344 dimples. Sorry how many?

A brief history in time

Since Nike’s first golf ball in 1999, they have been a big player in both innovation, and winning things.

The likes of David Duval and Charl Schwartzel have been huge ambassadors for the brand, both winning majors under Nike’s newest ball technologies. Oh ye, and the other two.

The Tour Accuracy, for example, that piece of rubber helped Tiger win 20 tournaments and four consecutive majors in a four year span. Yes, you could consider the ball a very small contributing factor to his success, but ask yourself that question if he’d used a Top Flite XL3000? You’d probably be nodding your head...


2000 – Tour Accuracy – Nike created one of the first solid core golf balls

2005 – Masters - The finest advertisement Nike could have ever imagined, as Tiger nails THAT chip in. IN YOUR LIFE HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT!

2011 – Nike One – One of the industry’s first four piece construction golf balls

2013 – Nike 20XI – The first RZN core was introduced. A lighter, faster core that allowed better weight transfer for maximum distance.

2014 – Nike RZN – Took RZN material to the next level with Speedlock technology.

So what does 2016 bring for Nike and its balls? Well they’re certainly putting theirs on the table with their new range of RZN’s.



Firstly dimples. Thousands of dimples within dimples. Nike say that engineers have utilised advanced aerodynamics by adding micro dimples to help improve lift and drag properties, especially towards the end of the flight.

Fair play to them, I haven’t seen anything as extreme as this! What does that mean for us? Well hopefully more distance when we blade a 7-iron 150 yards!

Secondly, Nike have continued to opt for a four piece design but which utilise four key components: RZN 4.0, Speedlock X Core, Speedlock Mantle and Flight Suit Cover.

Jargon to most, distance to others. 

The SpeedlockX creates 26% more surface area than the former generation to allow better energy transfer through the ball. Speedlock Mantle and its grooves help engage the cover of the golf ball for greater spin on shorter shots with more lofted clubs. Impressive stuff. 

Here’s what Rory says:

“I’m too good at golf, these balls only compliment my perfect swing” 

And here’s what he actually said:

“The ball feels much softer, yet I’ve maintained my ball speed and even picked up yards overall. It’s easily the best combination of distance and feel I’ve ever played with.”

He clearly hasn’t played a Dunlop DDH!

With Nike continuing to develop balls to compete with the Pro V1/V1X, it’s refreshing to see a different approach. However, will this be the ball to knock Titleist off the top spot? Probably not, but that has been the same for years.

Many have tried and there are some great alternatives, including this, but it will take a lot of the tour pros to actively switch to something different for that to have an effect on the consumer.

I personally can’t see that happening anytime soon. One thing you hope Nike can be competitive on though, is price. If you don’t want to pay £3.50 a ball, perhaps this is the next best thing...

Words George Egford


Options – RZN Tour Black/RZN Tour Platinum
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