We wrote an article about the current situation at Wentworth and loads of people read it. You can see it here.

Anyway, we thought we'd reply to some comments and clear a few things up.

Yes Colin!

Oh dear, are there any other golf clubs in Surrey?

Agree on this. The original article wasn't really a pop at current members (apart from the flash ones in clubhouse with moneyclips)

It was more making the point that the general golfing public probably isn't going to have too much sympathy or really care too much.

Judging by the consensus and popularity of the article we weren't far off the mark.

That's nice to hear but as stated above didn't really say anything about the members. 

More just about people we've come across in the clubhouse a few times. #MoneyClipWankers

Apologies Mark. Fact checked against a fair few reputable publications.

Without interviewing everyone at Wentworth about what they pay was always going to be tricky.

May just change it to 'was expensive, now it's well expensive'.

Livid with this... it's 'extremely' funny.

It just wouldn't be right for me Ollie. I live in London and don't drive so would have to get the train to Virginia Water. From there I'd have to walk up that massive hill or get a taxi, bit of a mission.

Also after the PGA once me and a mate got hammered and missed the last train home. This meant we had to sleep in a stairwell of some flats by the station. It was freezing that night and we had to get close for warmth before getting first train home.

Add into that the bargain £1,500 deal where I assume you can only play Wednesday mornings and the fact my Mrs would literally rip my balls off for wasting money and it's probably not a wise choice, therefore something I'd not be particularly jealous about.

Bit confused about this one, looking through it looks like a parody account. Innuendos and puns about gay people probably belongs to 70's comedy.

PS Only saying this as I cuddled up to a man in a stairwell and I'm about to come out.

The general consensus.

Hi 'Cuppy' cool name. My name is Ryan and I'm an actual warrior (not just keyboard)

Difficult to answer that question as 'life' is a complex conundrum that we are all trying to figure out the meaning of everyday. Although I wasn't sure I'd need to question it after a tongue-in-cheek article about a golf club!

For me though it is being happy, with my nearest and dearest happy too. 

I smiled at my own gag above so I'm all good. Now I'll text my Mrs asking her how she is and then I'll get back to you with a firm answer Cuppers.

Oh Cuppers, are you being a keyboard warrior?

Cuppington, how will we ever be friends now? With me not being intelectually on your level and the fact that you are mean to me, constantly putting me down, it will be difficult.

Although as I've only half a brain cell I'll probably have forgotten about this in the next few minutes.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.