Ryan Curtis

An Open Letter to Sky Sports Golf from 6,500 of us!

Ryan Curtis

Dear Head of Sky Sports Barney Francis/Sky Sports Golf,

I write to you on behalf of thousands of people.

These people are golfers, they are fans of golf and are people that enjoy watching professional golf, especially on a Sunday evening.

They enjoy being mesmerised by what these superstars can do...

Whether it’s Rory smoking a 350-yard drive, Jordan Spieth holing putt after putt or Adam Scott lasering long irons. My point is the product on the face of it should be fantastic and easy to produce… just try not to annoy people I guess?

But somehow Sky Sports seem to be able to do that!

We get constant tweets during coverage of people basically annoyed with pundits, presenters and commentators! It’s fair enough having people that polarise opinion and you can’t please everyone but… Mark Roe… I mean come on!

Golf fans are paying a premium price for this exclusive coverage, a price that basically just subsidises buying Premier League football rights but that’s another story.

Anyway, we are not here just to slag you off. We are a helpful bunch at #GCW who care for the game, so we ran a poll for you to work out who indeed was the most annoying of all your Sky Sports Golf team.

We had 6,500 responses in a couple of hours on a Sunday evening, which is a damn sight more than the #AskSkyGolf hashtag, especially when you take out tweets saying ‘Why is Mark Roe on my screen?’ and similar!

The Tournament Structure...

Due to the amount of nominees we had received over the previous weeks we decided to run two semi-finals with the top two qualifying for the big final.

The first semi-final comprised of the team doing voiceover commentary when the US feed was down. This included Mark Roe, Sarah Stirk, Denis Pugh… we then chucked Gary Christian in to complete the fourball.

Mark Roe absolutely romped it. Can you believe it? Whether that is due to the indifference to his other semi-finalists or people not knowing who they are? Who knows?

Anyway, here is some select comments to add some context…

Semi Final #2

Food for thought.

Anyway, I bet you’re excited for semi-final number two right? Well what a lineup we had!

You might call these the elite, wheeled out (this may actually be true with a few of them) for the majors and bigger tournaments. Critchley, Livingstone, Boxall and Murray… this was always going to be a tight contest!

Bruce Critchley took the spoils here in a four-horse race. What I would point you towards here is that Richard Boxall came fourth, if three people get more votes than him that tells you something!

The final... or is it?

Before you say ‘Ooooh, these guys are just internet warriors’ they probably are… but they are warriors paying for Sky Subscriptions!

So to the final…

But wait…

The third semi of the day...

So once again due to popular demand we had to run a third semi-final. Quickfire in 10 minutes to work out the finalists from 12 competitors.

Cat. Amongst. The. Pigeons.

Monty has come up on the ropes and looks like he might be the only one with the annoyingness to take down Roe who the bookies had stopped taking bets on.

Also Simon Holmes has popped into the reckoning and earns a fastest loser spot, likely fighting Critchley for the bronze.

The big final!

So here it is. The final. We’ve had fun along the way but it’s come to the showpiece.

So Monty takes it, but not everyone is happy!

So what have we learnt from this?

Probably nothing you didn’t already know… but it might be time for a cabinet reshuffle?

If people are watching in spite of Sky Sports and are praying to get back over to the US feed with Nick Faldo and Jim Nantz something must be up!

You started doing some not completely awful work last year at The British Masters so maybe try to carry on with some momentum?

I’d have thought it all boils down to money for you guys. So I guess this negativity probably isn’t great when going to advertisers!


Please do consider your options
#GCW and thousands of your viewers

PS We are available for screen tests but would want creative control and a substantial transfer budget for a new team.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.