3D Printed Driving Irons at £2,300 a pop!

Who? – Grismont

What? – Driving Irons

Why? – You wanted something that looks like it’s come from the Taj Mahal

How? – 3D printed clubheads that are said to be stronger than traditional cast iron. More like, “How...is this possible?”

French artistry

Say what you want about the French but they are certainly innovative... and quite wonderfully different!

So let’s give you a bit of an insight into what the hell this is.

Clement Pouget-Osborne, a 26 year old French guy, has somehow come up with these limited edition driving irons made from a printer.

Forget going down to your local pro shop to rustle through the used tour bag of shit, these Arabic inspired clubs irons are in a completely different league.

After making custom clubheads for his pals in Paris, Clement thought he’d take things to the next level. After two years of testing and development, the team at Grismont have combined explosive performance with somewhat obscene looks to create three exotic models of driving irons.

The fact that these have come from a printer is something I can’t get my head round, and I am not going to bullshit you with a load of spiel about what it is. I simply don’t know, but it’s rather spectacular!

So how do these work?

The 3D printing process enables such detail that these guys are able to go to town on the design. The end result is a micro wielded clubhead that’s stronger than the traditional iron.

Could this be a game changer?

If it’s stronger than iron, does it mean it goes further? So many unanswered questions!

At first glance, you look at these things and assume they are blades. Apparently not.

They’re a driving iron aimed at golfers at all levels. Probably not something you’d give a beginner on the range…

If you’ve decided to read on, you’re probably keen to know what’s on offer.

There are three models to choose from; the ORI, which was inspired by traditional Arabic window design dating back to the middle ages; the CES, designed from ancestral Asian sculptures; and AIR, a see through model that is pretty outrageous.

Do you reckon Dunlop have the same design inspiration?  

The service offered by Grismont on these irons is quite substantial.

If you can get a mate to video your swing, you are able to send this in and the technicians will build the club exactly to your swing specs. If you swing like Jim Furyk but without the control, then Grismont might have the solution!

The online platform gives you the flexibility to pick exactly how you’d like your driving iron to look like, which model, head colour, loft, setup and Grismont grip can be specified, as well as off the shelf shafts. 

Now you’re not going to walk into Sports Direct in a few months time to get your hands on these.

These are way beyond that.

If you’ve got this far and think ‘Ye, I fancy these. What’s the damage?’

Well.. The classic metal finish, £1200, the copper finish £1900 and the gold finish at £2300. Many of us don’t have this kind of money to spend on a set, let alone one club!

Yes they’re different, but it would be very interesting to see who these will appeal to.

Grismont and the team have clearly created something that we haven’t seen before. I’m not sure many will have this kind of money ‘Dubai’ these clubs.

If you like the the Arabian design and feel that the stuff on the shelf isn’t quite doing it for you, then take a look at these. You might need to be a Prince to be able to afford them though!

Words - George Egford


1 iron (17 degree), 2 iron (19 degree), 3 iron (21 degree) as standard

Customisable options from 15-25 degrees available

Delivery - 3 weeks with 5 year customer care programme

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