Need a Jacket? - Under Armour has got you covered!

Under Armour have some new gear out.

Is it any good?

It is... but read this anyway...

Under Armour, as the name quite obviously says, was a brand that produced stuff that kept you warm. As we only get three days of summer a year, keeping warm without layering up was made easy with the range of base layers Under Armour offered.

That was back then.

Now they are seen as a formidable brand in the golf apparel industry, with a growing selection of clothing, accessories and with big dogs such as Jordan Spieth, Matt Fitzpatrick and Hunter Mahan under their wing, the future looks bright, unlike our weather system. Anyway let’s not bore you with weather chat. We’re not the BBC...

One of Rory's nightmares

One of Rory's nightmares

Spieth Under Armour

With Under Armour comes Jordan Spieth.

The kid, born in 1993, first signed with the brand in 2013 and since then has been printing money. $21m dollars to be precise.

When I was 22, I was scrounging Sainsbury’s 'Basics' pasta together with Bisto cheese sauce, before heading to Oceana after pre-drinking three litres of White Lightning.

What is Jordan smashing his money on?

Spieth and his manager smiling... wonder why?

Spieth and his manager smiling... wonder why?

Currently number one in the world, seven wins, 34 top ten’s and numerous cuts made, he’s doing alright I guess…

Along with Spieth, Fitz and Mahan, Under Armour boast a wealth of impressive athletes:

Tom Brady, Lindsey Vonn (Worldy), Andy Murray, Memphis Depay, Michael Phelps, Gary Woodland, Wales Rugby and Tottenham Hotspur (Just the one athlete in that team)

With Spieth doing wonders for Under Armour Golf, it’s obvious that they have to live up to the quality of golf products he demands.

If he can swing in them, so can we!

Winter is a tough time for us British (more weather chat). It mainly involves endless scrolling on American Golf looking at new ways to spend your partner's savings on stuff you’ll probably replace in the summer.

So Under Armour have given us more things to splash out on!

Instead of mortgages and housing deposits, it’s a windstopper with an extra pocket to keep your wet scorecard in. Although it probably won’t make you play any better, it might make you look like a baller when the frost’s out!

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Under Armour keep it simple. They produce some solid options where you don’t pay Galvin Green prices. They also have bags of money.

Don’t be surprised if we see them making a move for a big brand in the coming months.

There are some strong rumours knocking about at present and we certainly think that this would do Under Armour no harm!


Words - George Egford

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.