Bubba Watson was booed at Phoenix by 50,000 people. This is why...

“I don’t like it. I’m not going to PC it. I don’t like it at all. I just mentioned why I’m here… I’ve got three beautiful sponsors that love it here… Obviously I’m here because of my sponsors and everything. 

"So, I love coming here. It’s always great weather. Used to have a house here. It’s always beautiful coming here and playing here.”

One fan had some choice words for Bubba (see video below!)

Bubba is such a conundrum. 

What he said about the Phoenix Open this week made him look even more like a spoilt brat, if that was even possible! 

Fair enough go to tournaments your sponsors want you to but keep it quiet… and how can you ever describe sponsors as ‘beautiful’?

Paige Spiranac is beautiful. The Sistine Chapel is beautiful. Ping are a business that make golf clubs for God’s sake… literally! 

Both Ping and Bubba are well into their bible stuff so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when stuff they say doesn’t make sense… kind of like that story about the guy who collected every animal in the world including penguins and elephants and nothing ate each other. Bloody Noah the bullshitter!

Anyway I digress.

People don’t take too well to multi-millionaires who are constantly whining and who blame their caddy for their own mistakes. And Bubba has been doing it for years.

His saving grace is an exciting golf game. He’s a world class golfer and we all love watching him bomb it 350 or hooking it out of the trees at Augusta.

Just for the love of God someone tell him to shut the hell up!

PS He is a shocking haircut.

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