No messing around lads. Fire at those pins and always take the big stick!

Rickie Fowler had a two shot lead with two to play in Scottsdale this week. 

After knocking it to ten foot on the raucous 16th hole he stepped on the 17th tee confronted with a drivable Par-4.

As if it was a Sunday knock up with his mates he stepped up, pulled the driver and hit the perfect golf shot, only for it to get a 60 yard bounce, chase through the green and into the hazard behind the green.

The commentators chastised him for his poor club selection/course management/play as well as the absolute nauses Rob Lee and Gary Christian in the Sky studio (who have two main tour wins between them)

Fowler went on to a lose to a fantastic but equally well annoying and slow Hideki Matsuyama but you doubt the young Californian will lose too much sleep in what was a cracking performance where he performed under pressure.

It’s great to see these young lads at the top of the game fearless, actually firing at pins and spanking their driver as far as possible. And you’d like to think that’s why they’re top of the game.

Rory, Jordan, Jason and now Rickie are part of an uber-popular quadrumvirate who play this exciting brand of golf, along with the unpopular Bubba.

Chuck Dustin into the mix and the majors this year should be an absolute shootout and you’d say to finish ahead of these boys you’re going to have to take risks, go for it and play some incredible golf.

So tour players… don’t be pussies, no laying up and knock down those pins. Golf needs it and if you want to be remembered… so do you!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.