Often Tour player interviews are so dull. We don't care what club they hit into 17... or what their putt did on 12.

#GCW ask some slightly 'different' questions to work out whether these robots actually have personalities!

What did you make of that whole PGA Tour thing where they photoshopped your hair?! Well weird right?

Someone actually sent an email to my website which goes to my sister and my manager. He said ‘Have you seen it, isn’t it funny they cut your hair off.’

My sister posted it on my Instagram and it got blown out of proportion!

I thought it was hilarious that the PGA Tour even had to come out with a statement, just shows the power of social media.

Dude Perfect video (above and worth a watch!)… biggest blow of your career so far missing that putt and losing to Sullivan?

Erm yeh… definitely. I yipsed that one man, not easy putting with a hockey stick.

Considering Sullivan is half your size was it bad to see him running away celebrating?

Only he can do it that way. I’m not a big celebrator so it was probably good that he won for entertainment!

You’re into your music and have sent us stuff. What you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to a load of old skool style hip-hop at the moment. A 17-year old kid called Afro.

What do you do in your time off? Honestly though… because I think some players don’t tell us the truth!

Yeh, cos they don’t have a lawyer with them! I hang out with friends, play basketball although it’s pretty shitty outside at the moment so I can’t do that!

It’s family time when we’re home because we’re not at home that often!

Not hitting golf balls out of a hotel with Colsaerts?

Haha, nah I don’t drink man!

(Don't know if he's telling the truth here!)

From scouting about on your website I see you like mangos, how many of these are you eating?

It was just a joke with me and my brother and we thought it would be funny to put a mango in there.

So to clarify… you don’t eat mangos?

Yeh man, I do eat mangos, I’m not a freak you know! 

(Major tour insight from #GCW there!)

If you had to fight someone on tour who would it be?

Darren Clarke

So you don't fancy going to the Ryder Cup then?!

Hahaha, ah yeah, maybe don’t write that!

(We wrote it!)

Why did you say Darren Clarke out of interest?

I don’t know, I just don’t think he’d be that fast you know?

I’m going to have to pick someone really tiny so it would be a quick win… nah, actually Lucas Bjerregaard that’d be a good fight. He did an MMA fight once!

And who wouldn’t you want to fight?

Shane Lowry. He probably has a mean punch, he’s Irish man!

(Irish... like Darren Clarke, good job this kid can bang it!)

Funniest guy on tour?

Richard Finch, he’s hilarious. He always has funny jokes up his sleeve, at any moment!

Do you know who the @SecretTourPro on Twitter is?

No I don’t.


No, I don’t really care that much. I mean he’s funny but there are so many guys on tour who obsess about it. I’m not worried. He’s doing a good job though!

Finally, do you tell the ladies how long you are?

I tell them I’m top five!

Hahahah... And would you say #GCW is the best golf site of all time?

Yeh man of course.


Ledg, see you later. Do some wins!

Cheers, bye!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.