Tiger in the John Lewis Ad

'Show Tiger he's loved this Christmas'

Inspired by this year's really weird John Lewis Christmas Ad with a strange old man on the moon we decided to couple a load of clips we found of Tiger swearing hysterically and an amazing clip from 'The Girl Next Door'. 

Tiger would definitely do this if he had a telescope.

Tiger the absolute G

'That club twirl though'

President's Cup '09, 18th hole and Tiger does what Tiger does. The twirl is epic, the drop of one of the greatest tunes of a generation is too!

Tiger and Adele

'Hellllloooooo... it's Tiger'

Hello by Adele's video was a bit strange and got remade a million times but when we found the footage of one of Tiger's phone calls we had to do this!

Fairly confident we could get sued for it but it's pretty LOLZ so worth the risk!

Nike HQ at The Open

'Tommy Fucking Fleetwood!!'

We felt there was an absolute lack of Adolf Hitler related content in the golf world so when Rory ruled himself out of The Open last year it was the natural thing to do.

Definitely going to do another one of these as the scene is incredible...

Miguel's Hotline Bling

'You used to call me on the celllll phhooonnnneeee'

Another really weird music video that needed the #GCW treatment and there was only one Dad dancing, cigar chuffing legend that fitted the bill.

Rumour has it upon the release of this video Miguel's phone didn't stop ringing as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna wanted a piece of the Mechanic.

Paul Dunne leads The Open

'You're leading The Open with a day to go!'

Irish amateur Paul Dunne incredibly led The Open with a day to go and did what all good Irish people would do in that situation... he got on it and started speaking in an Eastern European language.

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