Ian Poulter

We blow hot and cold with Poulter as do many people but this week we have to side with him, especially in a Ryder Cup year.

Poulter was in contention at the Valspar this week before fading away towards the end but some heckler thought this was solely down to him basically getting inside the Ryder Cup star's head.

Seems pretty unlikely but Poulter still popped a tweet out wishing the guy well who thought that 'You're not going to make the Ryder Cup team' was good banter.

The way we see it is if some guy popped into your office or business and started screaming random shit at you it would be a bit our of order wouldn't it? Golf is no different!



This shot from Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is definitely one to watch out for on the PGA Tour and is definitely a baller. He spanks it an absolute mile even though he is about the size of a flea.

That said it doesn't matter who you are, banging driver off the deck is tough! We can all relate to the low squirter to the right but can't all relate to almost taking some guy's head off who is stodd to the side confident that he won't be hit by some of the best golfers on the planet!


Ken Brown

Everyone loves Ken. In a world where most commentators and pundits are hardly flavour of the month Ken stands alone.

And no wonder when he is just a thoroughly nice chap. We dropped him a little DM about our charity day and within a few days a signed version of his book came through the door as a prize for the day.

He did also mention something about playing with 12-inch holes for the day but we'll let that one slide!


The British weather

OK, so this is a bit of a pisstake now. They are about to go on Spring Break in America whilst over here if you brave the golf course your fingers will drop off if you don't absolutely crunch it.

I'm sick of it. It best get better soon.



He has now missed three cuts on the trot but who cares? When you have this much swag you really don't need to bother with weekends.


Tiger Brent

It's not often we have a go at the GOAT but this pose is so cringe. He's always had a shocking dress sense and looks a whole lot better with his cap on but Jesus.

Unless of course he is doing this ironically then all is forgiven... but we don't think Tiger has that in his locker.

The sooner he is back on the course the better!


Charl Schwartzel

A win at the Valspar Championships was his first win since 2011 according to the American commentary team. For those of us not about to elect Donald Trump has our president we know that the Saffa has now won three times since November!

Sweet form from the sweet swinging Charl who is yet another recent Masters winner coming into form with Augusta round the corner with Bubba and Adam Scott winning the three events previous. 


Danny and Nicole Willett's unborn child

The little lad/lass needs to get a shift on with Augusta round the corner and with Daddy hitting some real form.

Possibly a bit harsh to give criticism to someone who isn't actually born yet but if you are reading this on a mini iPhone inside the womb all will be forgiven if you pop out in time.

Especially as one of the #GCW lads has a bet on your old man!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.