Having lived and worked in East London, I’ve seen a lot of hipsters...

I’ve even slightly turned into one myself after acquiring a ‘fixie’ bike, bought some vintage clothes that are obscenely over-priced and attempted to grow a shit beard that just about covers my double chin. The one thing I have taken from the hipster world, is that it's brought some of the old back to life. Retro, as others like to call it...

It made us think that if hipsters were to take over the sport in a sudden rush, what drivers would they be trying to get their hands on from the new pop up vintage golf stores that would start appearing across the UK? 

There’s loads of drivers that were game changers, but we think that the edgy people of the East would be looking to get their hands on these old timers before anyone else does…

In no particular order….

Titleist 975D

1996 - Oasis, Fresh Prince of Bel Air (final series) and DVD’s launched in Japan


The 975D was hugely popular among tour players and was probably one of the most popular drivers Titleist have ever made. It came with a 270 CC head which was seen to be a whole new level in technology, with the ever increasing driver heads being introduced at the time.

You only really had one of these though because Tiger did. He even went back to one of these when he was with NIke, proving he could literally do what the fuck he wanted to. 

TaylorMade Burner Bubble

1996 - Independence Day, Ask Jeeves (LOLZ) and Snoop Dogg


Another game changer was the Burner Bubble. The name derived from the bubble shaft they had created that would give amateurs the consistency and distance they needed.

You couldn’t miss these things. Bright orange and with a distinctive bubble in the shaft that fed into the grip made these things unique, and everyone wanted one! So edgy….so vintage. 

Callaway Big Bertha

1991 - The airbag, Terminator 2 and the web browser

Callaway Big Bertha.jpg


Callaway made their mark on the golfing world with the Big Bertha Driver. It was the biggest driver the game had seen, coming in at 190cc. That’s half what we use in some of the monsters we own today, and we’re still shit.

It was made of stainless steel, which was huge at the time as other drivers were still made of sticks and trees. 

Ping TiSi

1998 - Google was founded, Saving Private Ryan and Shania Twain 

Ping Tisi.jpg


The TiSi was the first driver that was made customisable to all golfers, which put them streaks ahead at the time. It had a weird shaft but was said to be very long and looked sick, unlike the man bun. 

R7 Quad

2004 - Shrek 2, The Darkness and Janet Jackson’s boob during the Superbowl


If hipsters set trends, the R7 Quad is the hipster of the golfing world. Nowadays you can’t buy a driver without some sort of customisable option.

It had four moveable weights that you could shift about to change the ball flight, which aided golfers of all levels. The R series finished recently with the latest movement to the ‘M’ series, seeing TaylorMade push the boundaries in technology to the next level. 

I’m sure if there was ever a gentrification in golf like there has been in East London and other cities across the UK, I’m sure that we’d start to see some of these again along with plus fours and sleeveless jumpers.

For now though we’ll stick to being uncool and conventional. The closest we’ve come to cool has been Ian Poulter’s range of clothing. Yeh….I’ll leave it at that….


WORDS - George Egford

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.