Disclaimer: I have a weakness for hot blonde girls. Scrap that, just for hot girls. Actually at uni just girls… with a pulse. 

Anyway I digress.

My point is I’m a red-blooded male just like you probably are if you are reading this.

And in #GCW where there is admittedly more than a whiff of lad culture it might be surprising to read this...

But in 2016, in an age of Tinder, private browsing (Ctrl + Shift + N… if you know you know!) and basically every girl baring all on Instagram, sex is everywhere. 

That’s why FHM and Nuts magazine is no more, that’s why Page 3 is a bit weird now and that’s why the old adage of ‘sex sells’ isn’t necessarily completely true anymore, or it is certainly lessening.

Now watch this bizarre one minute video...

Race to the bottom?

So when you see the largest golf magazine in the world and the apparently reputable 66-year old publication Golf Digest churning out videos like the one above, a cross between Babestation and 1970's style Carry On Camping, it’s a bit weird and confusing.

Paige Spiranac is undoubtedly hot but there's surely only so long the business strategy of putting out clickbait articles for 55-year old Americans to cream all over their laptops will last?

Especially when you consider the fact Paige’s golfing accomplishments so far peak at a single sponsor’s invitation to a Ladies European Tour event where she shot 77-79 for +12 to leave her 22 shots off the lead at the inevitable cut.

Now if you want to be taken seriously as a golfer then maybe being good, working hard and earning your right to compete with the world’s best is the way to go?

Paige may still get to this level and good luck to her, but when you are taking bigtime dollars to basically parade around with no clothes on then it will just make that sought after respect a lot harder to reach.

Just ask Anna Kournikova.


Honesty the best policy?

In fact, if she was just honest and said ‘Look they’re paying me silly money to just prance around a bit with no clothes on’ then fair enough!

But the facade that she is a hard-working golf pro with a dream is hard to believe without the numbers to back it up. It's like when Britney Spears said she was a virgin.

But you can just imagine the age old story...

Pretty girl gets management > Manager wants to make more money so gets her to do more and more > Everything else takes a back seat > Before she knows it she has her tits out and the gravy train is gone as manager moves on to next flavour of the month.

All people want is a little bit of honesty. 

If you crave respect maybe turn down the cash and get down the range.

If you don’t care just take the wads of cash and just admit your demographic is masturbating old married blokes…

(I’d probably go for the latter personally given how good the LPGA Tour is and how hard golf is!)

As for Golf Digest. This kind of content makes you think they are getting pretty desperate. 

They're probably now too far gone and will be following the likes of Loaded, Nuts/Zoo Magazine and Eurotrash in the outdated, slow changing, spunkpit of stuck together magazines in the bin.

Because in 2016, sex doesn’t always sell!

Words - Ryan Curtis

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.