We hate the phrase ‘great role model’ because it normally means someone squeaky clean or absolutely boring… but Rory is one, and an awesome export for the whole island of Ireland.

He’s a normal kid, from a normal background, who happens to be fucking good at what he does. Like arousingly good for us golfers as the video below shows!

He’s actually got a bit of banter too which is rare for global superstars with managers and agents telling them what to say the whole time.

Only negative is he has stopped replying to our DM’s. Although to be fair I did message him the other night pissed so sort of don’t blame him!


Unashamedly Irish. No matter how many PGA Tour events Lowry plays you can’t imagine him picking up an American twang or adhering to any kind of clean cut stateside image.

And we love him for this!

He’s an absolute baller too as demonstrated with his WGC win last year and the boy from Clara has a short game to die for.

This guy is going to be a Ryder Cup favourite for years to come, not just with the Irish, but with the whole of Europe too!

Just watch these two quick videos and you’re halfway there to seeing why we love Shane… and why you should too!


Ryder Cup captains are quite often safe choices. McGinley, Monty, Faldo, Olazabal… the list goes on. All steady blokes who are going to play the game and probably not say anything too controversial.

Clarke on the other hand is a bit of a lad.

But his incredible popularity on tour and with the fans meant that picking anyone else would have meant the European Tour would have had a mutiny on their hands.

Can’t wait to see the Portrush lad giving the American galleries as good as they get and hopefully chuffing on a victory cigar on the clubhouse balcony afterwards.

And if you thought he was pissed up after his Open win (below) just imaging the celebrations in Hazeltine!!!

Royal County Down

There are some incredible courses across the whole of the island with names that spring off the tongue but Royal County Down is supposed to be one of the best on the planet.

I say ‘supposed to be’ because I have no played it, but this is on great authority and general concensus.

Having played The Old Head in Kinsale in scary 80mph winds, Fota Island and Cork Golf Club anything that is better than them is going to be pretty epic.

***If anyone from or linked to Royal County Down reads this and wants to invite us down we are willing to exchange excellent reviews and/or demeaning sexual favours to get out.

Christy O’Connor

In January of this year we lost a legend. A legend with a proper Irish name. And a legend who hit one of the most famous shots in Ryder Cup history.

Every golfer knows how hard it is to hit a long iron, but a 2-iron, with the game on the line in the Ryder Cup, you’ll never know that!

Irish or not, today we should all we raising a glass of the black stuff, or something stronger, to remember a true great from Galway.


It’s not always wise to rely on or believe in stereotypes too much but sometimes they are accurate, and even positive.

I have never played golf with an Irish person who did not have good banter and who did not like a drink on the way around… and a few afterwards.

Call me racist if you want, I don’t care, because I think it’s quality.

And I look forward to having the craic with some more wonderful Irish people soon, both on and off the course. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone! 

(From a proud Englishman, who loves Ireland and the Irish!)

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.