St Patrick's Day Callaway Mack Daddy Wedges

Who? – Callaway

What? – MD3 Milled Lucky Clover Wedges

Why? – You’re Irish and need all the luck you can get

How? – Roger Cleveland doing his bit on Callaway’s most versatile wedge yet

Having the craic...

It’s that time of year again.

Springs on its way and as we venture into March, the bit of Irish we all seem to have within ourselves starts to break through like a fresh turd, as we edge closer to Paddy’s day. Why the Welsh/English/Scottish don’t celebrate for their respective days as much as this is beyond me.

Are we not as fun?

Callaway, coincidentally, are also releasing some Irish edition wedges at the same time. The MD3 Milled Lucky Clover wedges are said to be their most versatile wedge yet due to the S grind cut, which allows you to get up and down (ability dependent) from pretty much anywhere.

Again if you’re Irish you probably don’t have much of a problem of getting a pint up from the bar and then down you, but if you’re short game is as good as the Welsh’s drinking ability, then read on..

The big dog Bob...

Bob Cleveland, yes Mr Wedge, has popped over to Callaway to work his magic on the Clovers.

So what’s he done?

Probably scribbled his name on them, gave Callaway his bank details and told them he’d see them next year for the Clover 2’s. But seriously, Roger’s integrated some new shaping to the wedges, meaning they are more high toe profile and have also been designed with a semi straight leading edge. Not only has he tweaked the shape, he’s added weight ports which have enabled the guys at Callaway to reposition the weight for better shot making, again ability dependent. 

Looks wise, they’re up there. Firstly anything black is bound to look better than ‘Tour Chrome’ or ‘Tour Satin’ or some other bullshit name the brands lure you in with. Callaway offer a limited edition black onyx shaft, black and green Lamkin grip and the pick of the bunch, an Irish clover lasered on the head.

If you’re like the most of us and need all the luck you can get on the course, then you can thank these when you’re ball pops out on the green after almost a guaranteed re-load, or when you only take one out of the bunker when it’s usually four... 

Whether you’re Irish or not, these things look pretty sweet. Callaway say they’re only making a few so if you’re not getting absolutely wankered on Paddy’s day, have a smash with these things.

‘Irish’ these were out sooner*, as my short game is in dire need of some aid, but if you can wait till the 11th, Callaway are taking pre-orders.

*ED - Final sentence pun rating... 3/10... must do better!

Words - George Egford

Options - 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60 degree

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