National Golf Month to be Launched by Bellend MP's

May’s 'National Golf Month' is to launch by having a chipping and putting competition in the Houses of Parliament.

Thanks to an the ‘Parliament All-Party Group for Golf’ led by Lincoln MP Karl McCartney the day will be a chance for the R&A and the national golf bodies to get together… and well… do fuck all!

I’m sorry but golf has an awful image problem, one part of which is the fact that it is seen as a game for boring middle-aged white men.

So why on earth would golf want to associate itself with possibly the only place that carries a worse reputation for that very thing?

Answer: For photo opportunities and to compare shitty ill-fitting suits.

Image from website. I mean come on!!

National Golf Month is an uninspiring, unimaginative campaign that really does nothing much to tackle the problems golf faces. If anybody does see the campaign it’s likely to accentuate many bad perceptions.

On a broken website that my cat could have built there is a few quotes from the same old people. Georgie Bingham off Talksport and Naga Munchetty from the BBC morning news and some of the worst stock images you’ve ever seen.

It actually makes me upset that people think associating with an MP who has been described as sexist and homophobic is a good move for the game of golf!

Golf massively needs to pull it’s finger out, engage young people and drastically sort out its image before it’s too late.

Words - Ryan Curtis

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.