SY Kim

Say what you want about women's sport but you simply can't argue with numbers.

Every person, man, woman or child, who has played the game and knows the difficulty of even shooting your handicap just has to respect what SY Kim did this week in Phoenix.

She shot -27 for her four rounds to win by five. 

Which simply put is world class.


Paige Spiranac

Now this might be controversial and I'm even questioning myself whilst writing this but whilst girls like SY Kim are getting it done on tour Paige is... well... watch the video.

As red blooded males we're all for hot girls. But let's be realistic, don't make yourself out to be an aspiring hard working tour pro when you are jumping about in slow motion without any clothes on for Golf Digest's 58-year old fondling audience.

PS This isn't an attempt at 'negging'.


Jason Day

The world is a confusing place. Back end of last year there was a 'Big Three', then the likes of Adam Scott, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler chucked some wins in, whilst Spieth and McIlroy have been misfiring (Well apart from Jordan spanking -30 one week)

Then quietly Jason Day spanks 65-66 Thursday and Friday at Bay Hill to lay a platform for a win at Arnold's event.

So how on earth are we meant to pick someone for The Masters with all this going on?


Ben Curtis

The 2003 Open Champion has been fairly quiet in the 12 years since. He made a few dollars on the PGA Tour and even won a couple of times but in recent years he's been pretty rank.

82-80 at his Bay Hill invite didn't quite get it done leaving him at 1098 in the world rankings which to put it into context is five places behind me and only three ahead of Bruce Forsyth. 

A quick look at his form shows more MCs than So Solid Crew.


Andy Sullivan

What's not to like about the Nuneaton lad? He has a great all around golf game, plays with a smile on his face and is a normal, grounded working class boy.

We love Sulli, who is rising up the World Rankings consistently, especially as he helped promote our golf day but mainly because we dared him to dab on the final green if he made a birdie.

Unfortunately not many birdie the 18th at Bay Hill but look out for the wee lad chucking a dab out in future weeks, should be worth the wait!


Justin Rose

There is absolutely no doubting the class of Justin but we he gives off the impression that he is wetter than an otter's pocket.

He's probably a nice guy to be fair but we want to see more of the Ryder Cup celebration and less posts with pointless hashtags about iced tea with lemonade (Possibly the wettest drink ever created)


Chris Wood

Another top lad, another English talent, another one climbing those rankings. Woody always gets involved with #GCW and the giant Bristolian had a good week at Bay Hill too.

Yes as a sneaky outside Masters bet. No to his dodgy Michael Jackson back catalogue tastes. And yes to him being a top lad and promoting our charity event!


Time and the inability to travel through it

Getting sick of waiting for The Masters now. We want to be able to travel through time straight to that beautiful Thursday, the only time where men give a shit about flowers, where we can watch superstar golfers four putt and where we all know every inch of the course and recommended shot shapes after watching with a glass of red or two for so many years.

Bring it on and piss off to the laws of the universe and Stephen Hawking for not working out time travel yet, pull your finger out son!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.