Matchplay is Awesome, But The Dell Matchplay Isn't!

Thank the Lord Baby Jesus that we have a break from 72-hole strokeplay with this week’s WGC Matchplay.

It’s mano e mano with the course taking somwhat of a back seat. Players have to play aggressively or conservatively dependent on what their opponent is doing and holing a putt or pulling off a great escape can pile the pressure on.

Matchplay really is our favourite format in this game we love.

But with golf having this perfect showcase for an awesome way to play the game the WGC and associated tours have managed to turn it into a snorefest.

This was an actual conversation with me and my Mrs on Wednesday...


Mrs - 'Why is golf on Wednesday this week?'

Me - 'It just is.'

Mrs - 'Is Rory winning?'

Me - 'Yeh, he has won.'

Mrs - 'What does he get for that?'

Me - 'Nothing yet, he has to win six more matches first.'

Mrs - 'Six rounds of golf?'

Me - 'Yeh. Wanna watch that OJ Simpson thing on iPlayer?'


As much as I love watching golf I'm not sure I can be bothered to sit through seven rounds of golf. Luckily we've come up with some ideas to sort this whole mess out for next year!

PS The OJ thing has gotten rubbish, don't waste you time!

Problem - Too many man, too many man

In the immortal words of the UK grime troupe Boy Better Know there is simply too many man. 64 players means to win the event a player has to play seven rounds by which time they are going to be sick of it and so are we probably.

As a result you’d think the standard would suffer.

Fix - Split them up

Why not have four different tournaments in one? Split them into 16’s based on rankings and have top two from each group going into a quarter finals.

This also means rather than a Sunday with nobody on the course you have four finals going on with a promotion opportunity for the second, third and fourth divisions.

Problem - Dead rubbers

No it's not jonnies with holes in them, it's pointless games.

With only one man getting out of the 16 groups there will inevitably be loads of meaningless matches come Friday. Nobody wants, or is interested in this.

Fix - Have top two going through in split up groups

This means it would be a lot less likely to have dead rubbers and there could be a relegation incentive added in for bottom of the group players.

Problem - Knockout

In some more immortal words, this time David Brent, the knockout is 'toooo long baby'. After battling through your group with three wins, in what are often coin toss matches against top golfers, you are faced with four more matches if you want to win.

Fix - Chop the knockout down to Quarter Finals

Honestly, Arsenal apart, who ever got excited about getting into the Last 16?

Problem - Stars get knocked out

We want to see the superstars. Unlike tennis where you are basically guaranteed a bit of Federer and Djokovic at the end a tournament a game of golf isn’t far off a coin toss in the matchplay format.

There’s nothing wrong with that but let’s not have Rory McIlroy winning two matches and being beaten with -6 one day and going out.

Fix - Again... split it all up!

Once again top two go through but the Premier League will ensure that there are some sweet match ups come the knockout stages. Obviously this will take the most attention but it’s great carrot for the other players to get promoted/rise up the rankings.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.