The Lucky Golf Shots We All Hit!

We hit so many bad golf shots and go around cursing our luck so much we sometimes forget the times when we hit shockers and get away with it.

Admit it, you’ve all hit one of these!

The Thin Bullet

You’ve finally hit a good drive and have a nice 120 yardage. It’s just a smooth wedge or short iron, these are the shots that make us love the game.

But you get steep on it don’t you and almost chop the ball in half with the blade. It shoots off the club like a speeding bullet and you are livid and then worried about how you are going to get out of the bush behind the green.

But as you look up it’s firing right at the flag, it jumps over the greenside bunker and runs up the holeside. 

You debate whether to tell your playing partners you went for it but then realise you didn’t take a divot and that there is now a gash in your Pro-V1.

The Heeler

Quite often seen on the first tee, especially after a lack of warm up. I mean you ain’t going to nail one are you?!

The Heeler looks and feels horrible but shoots low and left before curving back down the fairway and running for about 150 yards.

Kind of like that 4am girl in the club. It looks disgusting, is a bit embarrassing but you’ll take it!

The Pinseeker

You’ve found yourself in a fiddly lie around the green and to be honest you ain’t looking forward to it. Whether it be in a bunker or a bit of a bare patch around the green you’ll be happy to give yourself a decent putt.

But in your efforts not to duff it you blade it and it starts flying. Unlike the ‘Thin Bullet’ this one ain’t stopping in time.
You only have one chance and that is to shout ‘Hit the pin’.

95% of the time it ignores you and flies into a bush behind the green meaning you are done for on the hole. But on the odd occasion it careers into the flag and drops next to the hole. Everyone laughs and there is no talking your way out of this one.

The Long Range Duff

This is a very rare shot and often comes out when playing a new course.

Stood on the Par-3 tee you’re not entirely sure what to hit. You pull a club and as soon as you hit it you tell everyone just how bad you hit it.

But what’s this?

It’s flown all the way to the green and rested on the back fringe. If you’d have actually hit that 4-iron properly you now be in the greenkeeper’s garden!

The Hard Touch

Not known for your touch around the green the long downhill putt fills you with dread. 3-stub is almost what you expect from this range and as you hit your putt you prepare yourself for a long one coming back.

The ball is somehow picking up speed and going faster and faster. You should have checked there was a massive slope on the green!

You have one last hope as it careers towards the hole, something needs to get in the way. And when it is your day the ball will somehow, at 40mph, smash into the back of the hole, do a little jump in the air before dropping below the surface.

You then tell your playing partners you took that aggressive line on purpose to take the break out of it.

The Sky Toe

Another one with the big stick. You’ve blocked your last three and just need to get one away if you are ever going to make a par!
You put a rank swing on it and you ain’t sure whether you’ve connected with the ball but look up to see it floating up in the air really high with a tiny draw.

And thanks to the modern drivers with giant sweet spots it has somehow worked its way a fair pop down the fairway. Who needs to use the middle of the club when you can do this?!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.