It's well green

It’s just so bloody green, green as far as the eye can see. Augusta is what a golf course should look like, manicured to within an inch of its life.

Every time the first week of April rolls around we are transported to this golfing dreamland.

We forget our own local golf courses with their spiked greens and GUR signs all over the shop. 

Even though the course has been around since the beginning of time and is played every year, it never ceases to throw up some cracking drama. The marble greens are a big part of the Augusta aura, with some of them clocking in quicker than a steroid induced Russian athlete.


My most memorable moment... #mmmm

Case in point, the memorable Tiger Woods moment in 2005. I know what your thinking, the high fiving, crowd going ape shit chip shot on the 16th… no.

There was a far greater moment in that year’s tournament and it came in the first round on the Par 5 13th... 

I’ll set the scene; Tiger ‘Swinging Dick’ Woods is in his prime (pre chlamydia-gate), he’s probably the greatest sportsman on the planet at that moment in time let alone the best golfer.

He is on the 13th putting for an eagle, happy days, he’s on the green… he putts the ball in the water.

Let that sink in for a second... 

One of the most talented golfers that has ever picked up a golf club, in his prime no less hits his eagle putt in the water.

That was the moment when I knew Augusta could fuck your shit up at any given moment no matter who you are. Sure does make for some compelling viewing. 

The coverage

Okay every year we forget the coverage is restricted, which makes absolutely no sense, but it sort of adds to the whole mystique of the tournament.

I tell you who makes up for it though, Kenneth Brown. I know all the majors are exclusively on Sky Sports now so is that the end of Kenny Brown?

Where will he go?

What will he do?

Every year Ken kidnaps a cameraman and makes he way out on the hallowed turf of Augusta. With 3 balls in hand he makes his way to tricky pin positions and dodgy fairway lies.

I hope we see him again, I’m sure we were only a few years away from him totally losing it and fatting a 3 iron off a green. 

The Par 3 show

Another quirk is the par 3 competition that everyone tries to lose.

I really don’t blame them either, honestly if I was in contention of winning that bloody jinx of a tourney I’d smash my last tee shot into the clubhouse.

One memorable moment was when that kid from 1D fell over, or when Tiger bought his new Mrs on the course with him, both equally pleasing to spectate.

Okay so the Par 3 comp is a bit of joke but remember when Caroline Wozniacki sunk that 30 footer caddying for Mcllroy?

No wonder he dumped her, no way she learnt that shit on her own... shrewd Rory lad.

As for the main tournament itself this year all the young guns looking to be coming to the boil nicely, however Jay Day looks unstoppable.

Not only is he playing the best golf, but he’s also taking so long to hit his shots he’s boring everyone else into submission.

Words - Joe Konopka

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.