Beat Danny Willett, get a world ranking and win prizes... all for free!

Taking golf into the future and winning prizes at the same time...


Golf in the old skool...

It’s 2016. We run space missions, we pay for coffees using phones and they’re talking about drones delivering our shopping.

But in the world of golf things don’t quite move so quickly. Every month in the medal 100 players go out into the wind and rain and keep score using pencils (invented in 1564) before dropping the remnants of their scorecards into an old wooden box. From here the 78-year old secretary reads through each and every one meticulously inputting them like a chimp into the golf club computer running Windows 95.

If any normal company ran systems like this they’d be going out of business quicker than an Adam Johnson merchandise store.

But there are smartphone apps and systems readily available that can solve all these problems and even make the game fun.

The future...

One such app is PinSeekerz (Available on the App Store and Google Play). Unlike apps like Golf GameBook is isn’t really even a scoring app. It is more of a game.

You can play against anyone in the world, on any course and you receive a world ranking, just like the pros. You earn Stableford points and bonus points during your round so there is still a chance to get a decent score even if you have spunked your handicap on the front nine.

PinSeekerz have team up with Callaway to offer you the chance to win a load of great prizes just by entering their league for free. It’s a no brainer really!

The guys behind PinSeekerz are top lads and more importantly fans of #GCW… so get involved and see if you can beat us guys. (You probably can!)

Golf needs to move forward and this is just one cool app that can help do that as World Number 11 Danny Willett concurs.

“This app is great for the game and exactly what it needs to get more young people playing.”

Check out all the Callaway prizes on offer and sign up for free here

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