Take some risks on the course

At the moment so many brands are taking absolutely no risks with their fashion. 

You only have to look on tour to see 140 guys wearing pretty much the same gear, with different names and logos on them.

When you look at the mere mortal level of golf, the clubhouse isn’t much different on the whole. Standard polos, standard chinos and a pair of Footjoys… zzzzz.

But there is a younger generation. A more style conscious generation, who want to wear what they want and maybe even push some boundaries.

They take risks with their style as well as banging at Par 4's on the course, never laying up and always hitting the big stick!

But in golf this is even a forgotten generation.

Enemies of the Course

Of all the brands Nike are looking to change that. They are really looking to push some boundaries with their releases and when it is a big boy putting stuff out there like this maybe the others will soon take notice and follow?

Their latest range is called ‘Enemies of the Course’ where they have drafted in some artist called Michelle Morin to create prints of plant-life that greenkeepers have to put up with or something?

They call it a homage to the unsung hero.

I know, it sounds mental, but in a weird way I like it.

And that’s my point…

This release even polarises the boys at #GCW but wouldn’t we prefer fashion this way?

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It's cool to let people be themselves...

For example I can’t stand the Loudmouth trousers that look like a clown has chucked up all over them. Our Twitter account was probably born from the guys wearing them but fair play to them if that’s what they want to wear.

As adults in 2016 I find it bizarre that we pay money and give up time to play golf to be told what we can and can’t wear so it’s refreshing that the huge brand that sponsors perhaps the two most recognisable golfers on the planet is pushing the boundary a bit… and perhaps finally catering to us, the younger generation.

Some people feel comfortable in bland golf clothes. I for one don’t. I can tell you now golf isn’t cool yet. 

When girls see me and the boys heading to golf on the train I don’t get the impression they think ‘Phwoar, look at them boys with their polo shirts tucked into chinos, hope I see them out tonight.’

Golf needs to push boundaries to be cool. Golf needs to divide opinion and be comfortable with that to be cool. Golf needs to be confident to be cool.

This new release from Nike does all of those things so in my opinion it’s cool.

And it’s fine if you disagree… that’s cool too.

Words - Ryan Curtis

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.