Masters Sunday Was Mental!

Golf pisses us off at times. It’s often boring to watch... In fact there is so many things wrong with it that frustrate the hell out of all of us.

But last night was quite frankly epic.

If like us it all turned into a bit of a blur of madness we are here for you with a recap. And not just the clubs they hit into each hole either... but how it happened both on the course and online!


We all know Sheffield lad Willett won the jacket but it didn’t always look like he was going to play.

His Mrs Nicole was pregnant with their first child and it was due on the Sunday at Augusta.

Danny said he’d miss The Masters this year if the birth clashed as they’ll be plenty more. That should have told you all you need to know about the confidence of the lad!

Fortunately thanks to the top work of Nicole she popped out young Zacheriah in time for the new father to piss off and wack golf balls around a field.

I’m not saying #GCW should be on 20% of Willett’s cheque and future endorsements but this is a massive assist. Maybe just a Chicken Madras?



Blah blah there was a build up.

Blah blah ‘The Par 3 Curse’.

Blah blah there was the first 63 holes of the tournament where defending champion Jordan Spieth looked like he was going to walk it.

As much as we all know what happened to Spieth on the back nine his play up until then was pretty incredible and was a mark of the man. 

After bogeying the fifth he birdied 6, 7, 8 and 9 to take him five shots clear without ever really having his swing all week.

This kid is going to win a load of majors… there is no doubt about that!


The madness started…

Just when people were tweeting that this is all boring, that Spieth is a boring grinder with no flair we saw what I can only describe as the most mental half an hour of golf I have ever seen!

We should have known when Lee Westwood started canning putts on the final day at Augusta that something was up.

And then after Davis Love III and Shane Lowry had already made hole in ones on 16 Louis Oosthuizen made possibly the craziest hole in one of all time.

With JB Holmes’ ball in tight his shot roll down the slope, hit JB’s ball on the way nearly knocking it in, before rolling into the cup.

After posting that video and what is now 1,000,000 views on social, the #GCW lad’s phones were going nuts and before we had a chance to think it all went off!

Willett birdied 13 and 14 whilst Spieth bogeyed 10 then carved his tee shot on 11 before chipping out and nearly holing his wedge shot.

But then holy shit. On the signature 12th hole, where Willett had previously just about clambered onto dry land, Spieth who had been suffering from the odd block all week, cut one up in the wind and off the bank into the water.

He then dropped one and hit about six foot behind the ball just about managing to make the water.


We’re all over the place, so is everybody, but luckily we have a GIF of Homer that we had been saving for Rory that felt perfect for the moment, if not a little brutal?

Normally composed and sometimes nonplussed by golf coverage the #GCW lads lost it at this point.

Then Westwood goes and does this for eagle on 15, to put himself within one, and we absolutely lose our shit.

Luckily so does everyone else!

But we still manage to check how many people who’d bet on Spieth thought they could be faster than online bookmaker’s algorithms.

And breathe...

We all just about managed to calm down and work out what the score when we realised the pressure was now on Willett.

But as we’ve seen over the past few years on the European Tour the lad has absolute minerals but The Masters is a different beast.

Willett stuffed it on 16 and one look at his eyes showed he wasn’t backing down. He knocked in for a two there before a fantastic chip from the back of 17 and a cracking tee shot up 18 under the gun after backing off.

He knocked one in pretty close and hit a weak as piss birdie putt which people probably forgot about… and nobody will really care about!

He then popped into the clubhouse and Facetimed his Mrs who was at home with Zacheriah. With a camera in his face he came out with the most northern line of the week in front of the whole world talking about his landline.

And obviously we had some fun with it after some Jamie Vardy comparisons had been made.

And just when we thought we had won Twitter we saw his brother’s frankly epic Twitter commentary finishing with this about a pet rat.

Obviously always humble #GCW are happy to take a backseat and just congratulate Danny, Nicole, Zacheriah and caddy Jonathan Smart.

But Chubby… we want that Chicken Madras, or at least some chips and gravy!

Thanks to everyone who got involved with Tweets, Facebook posts and everything. Looking forward to the next one!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.