The Tour Pros Making Golf Fun!

A little different...

It was just another week in the world of professional golf. 

The European Tour was on a money-spinning effort in China, where Bubba Watson picked up $1.5m just for turning up, and a young Korean lad called Soomin Lee won. Over in the US Charley Hoffman beat off Patrick Reed to claim the Valero Texas Open.

Fair play but if many golf fans watched more than 10 minutes combined of those two tournaments I’d be surprised. 

72-hole strokeplay. Same old shit. Different week.

But whilst all this was going on I for one was more interested elsewhere.

For over in the Bahamas four of the world’s best young golfers were basically on a lads golf trip. 

Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman were out on the Baker’s Bay Resort (who got some pretty good publicity!) They were out there just having fun like lads do. There were no worries about sponsors, bad PR or management in their ears. There was no serious competition.

There was also no worries about dress code, being quiet on the tee or walking across people’s lines.

Substitute that with bare foot and boardies, hip-hop beats, sat down with legs around the hole and dancing on top of buggies.

It was just young lads, playing golf, drinking Tequila, listening to music.

And Snapchatting everything!

In the ultra conservative world of golf hopefully the fact that some of the biggest stars in the world can let their hair down (or lack of it in Spieth’s case) and have a laugh like the rest of us can push the boundaries and golf can look a bit cooler!

It’s relatable, it transcends the sport and it’s fun… I mean what are we doing in life if we ain’t having fun!

So let’s be more topless golf, tequila and #GCW as opposed to tucked in shirts and Golf Monthly.

PS If you watched these Snapchats and Smylie Kaufman isn’t one of your favourite golfers now please… just...  go away.

Not just a US ting...

But it’s not just in America they are having a bit of fun. Although the game is way less conservative over there there are guys over here pushing the envelope.

Last weekend Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston won the Spanish Open at Valderrama beating off the likes of Martin Kaymer and Sergio Garcia.

The north London lad then set the internet alight saying he couldn’t wait to get home to see his Mum and get hammered at his golf club North Middlesex GC.

Obviously we loved this so popped him a little DM asking if we could get hammered with him. We didn’t expect anything but Beef got back and said ‘Yeah man, come down, 7:30pm, Friday.”

Professional golfers are nearly always wary or paranoid to let anyone from outside their circles in. Especially ones like #GCW who have a bit of an audience.

But when we went down, walked in, Beef was the first one to walk up to us. No pretense, no bullshit, just a friendly hug and thanks for coming down.

Also he was dressed as a parrot, or a pinada, I think? 

The atmosphere at the golf club was one of immense proudness that one of their own had done so well. And it was rammed and noisy!

I lost count of the number of members who came up to me, told me Beef will never change, will win big things, and then made me do shots with them. (Which led to an expensive and redecorated Uber on the way home!)

And after Beef had stood up on a chair and announced me as a special guest before getting the whole golf club scream ‘wanker, wanker, wanker’  at me he gave me a beast of a cigar that we had on the balcony.

Golf needs golf clubs like this. 

North Mid don’t take themselves too seriously, have a real community feeling and in Beef a player that not only kids, but general people can relate to.

Golf clubs up and down the land could learn a thing from these guys. This lack of bullshit is so much more attractive to potential members, especially ones under the age of 35.

And professional golfers could learn a lot from Beef...

Absolutely comfortable in his own skin. Realises he can have a party without offending people, can say he’s going to get hammered without upsetting his sponsors and can speak to people without worrying what they’ll say about him.

And perhaps without all those worries surely the golf becomes easier?

So long live the Beefs and the Snapchatting topless golf superstars of this world. This is 100% the way golf needs to go.

Not taking itself too seriously, and maybe in this world where people have serious jobs and lives they’ll come and play this game to unwind, one that doesn’t have to be so bloody serious and stressful.

It might just be relaxing and fun!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.