Swearing (a lot!) about 'National Golf Month'

Swearing (a lot!) about 'National Golf Month'

Here is a waiver. I’m going to swear in this article. I can feel it. I honestly don’t like chucking swear words into things I write willy nilly but sometimes there are no better words to convey your feelings better.


‘National Golf Month’ was launched today. By a load of random MPs. Whilst doctors were striking.

I mean you can have the best intentions to grow the game but what the fuck are people thinking who dream these things up?

Ask people who don’t play golf why they don't and they might tell you it’s because it’s boring, slow, uncool, elitist, stuffy, that you have to wear stupid clothes and it’s for rich old white men.

Now go back through those reasons and compare them to what the general public’s opinions of MPS are. 

Honestly, am I fucking mental? Or is this actually happening?

For all the good work of Tiger Woods, the young superstars like Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler and our own Danny Willett winning The Masters golf’s participation levels are still pretty average.

It’s actually pretty difficult to even find any stats nowadays, probably because tosspots running golf try to paint a prettier picture. (I actually found something just now that included people playing golf on the Playstation!)

Far from drawing people into the game there is a real danger shit like this turns people away from the game. 

If it wasn’t for that feeling I get from crunching an 8-iron off some crisp turf whilst playing summer evening golf with my mates followed by a couple of beers… (I’ve gone to my happy place)... I’d probably consider flogging the clubs and taking up fucking yoga or something.

Happy place

So if I’m feeling that how many other people are?

I fucking love this game and that’s probably why it scares me when whoever makes decisions for the future of the game thinks it’s a good idea to have a load of wanker MPs putting about in front of the Houses of Parliament in suits.

What a fucking pisstake.

Anyway, close eyes, breathe, and go back to happy place.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.