Callaway Release Limited Edition Sub-Zero Driver

Who? – Callaway
What? – XR16 Sub Zero Driver
Why? – You swing quicker than the pros
How? – Balls with lots of spin will now go further, thanks to the lowest CG Callaway have ever produced.

The hangover of the Masters is probably still prominent for Callaway. Wanny Dillett, they’re new golden boy from Sheffield came up trumps and joins other Callaway legends such as Paige Spiranac, on one of the ‘all time greats’ list. 

In the wake of this, Callaway have released this limited edition XR16 driver to tempt the golfers who maybe on the cusp of greatness themselves, only this time its at Scunthorpe Golf Club and not Augusta. Big Phil and Colsaerts have both used this stick already on tour and it looks like it’s the pinnacle of what Callaway have out at the moment. 

The Sub Zero, a name deriving from what handicap you need to be to hit this weapon, is the lowest CG driver Callaway have ever produced. It’s purely aimed at the golfers who swing it quick and generate more spin, counteracting the energy they use to produce that shot. I know about that.. 

Of course you get the moveable weights, two g and 10 g that you can switch to optimise your ball flight. If you want a flat ball flight, wack the 10 g weight at the front and watch it trim the daisy heads off the fairway. Evidently switch them round, and it does the opposite. You don’t need to be a golfer to work that out, just decent at maths. 

From a looks perspective it doesn’t look too different to the current XR16 out in shops at present although some slight changes to the aesthetics are noticeable. Callaway are offering 20 premium shafts are no extra cost to perfect the custom fitting. Good from Callaway. 

Will this appeal to the average Joe? Probably not.

That’s fine though, as only a 100 of these are being made to a custom fit only. They appeal to a niche. A niche that most of us won’t ever reach!

If you play off 4, this thing is decent. If you like to think you play off 4, stick with what you have!

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