Sky Masters Coverage - Who Made the Cut for the Weekend?

Sky Masters Coverage - Who Made the Cut for the Weekend?

We've all put up with it for the first couple of days. No live golf, inane rambling about nothing and just general annoyingness. But who was the worst and won't be here for the weekend?

Butch Harmon 7/10

Just goes to prove it’s attitude and not age Butch tops the leaderboard at the halfway stage. The 72-year old is more in touch than the vast majority of his colleagues with links to the likes of Rickie Fowler including stories about how they take the piss out of him for not knowing what Snapchat was.

Yes, it’s creepy when he stares at you through the camera and the jury is certainly still out on the phrase ‘Doggone it’ but he really is the best of a bad bunch.

Paul McGinley - 6/10

I really hope McGinley is being paid well. They sit him next to Monty and Livingstone in some shocking gear and expect riveting conversation.

It reminds me of when you get stuck at a shitty table at a work thing. You sort of just fit in, pipe up every so often between bites of your food and keep your head down. All you’re doing is praying for it to end and swigging free booze.

David Howell - 6/10

He’s on The Masters Breakfast. Yeh, I know, was bored. Seems a good bloke and the insight of still being a decent player around the tour is better than the old brigade.

Also he has never missed a shot on the shot centre simulator.

Rich Beem - 5/10

He’s not awful. That is about as much as you can say for him. It’s cringe when the others call him ‘Beemer’ or ‘The American’ but he seems well liked around the players.

There was a feature called ‘Beem on the Green’ though which was an absolute woeful attempt at replicating the almighty Ken on the Course. For being part of this travesty his rating goes down.

Nick Dougherty - 5/10

Another one from Masters Breakfast. He must be 30 years younger than his closest colleague but seems to act more mature than he probably is to fit in.

He just makes the cut because he is the only member of the Sky team that doesn’t wear shocking ankle bashing grey trousers.


Ewen Murray - 4/10

He’s done the exact same thing for the past 30 years or whatever the hell it is. No banter, predictable lines and random analysis of superstars golf swings.

The only reason he isn’t bottom is because there are people more annoying.

Richard Boxall - 4/10

Seems to be less cocky whilst getting the Masters commentators gig at a big event rather than the Tshwane Open or whatever he normally does.

The way I see it is if the extent of a player’s playing career is 30 years ago coming fifth in the 1986 Dunlop Maltese Open you may aswell get any dude in there to chat shit. 

Rob Lee - 4/10

Hosts The Masters Breakfast wearing ankle swingers. Not sure whether it is his fault but the programme is pretty awful. Literally just highlights and three of them talking us through holes we already know.

At least he tries to have a bit of banter with the others. Admittedly most of the time it’s crap, but nice try. Still misses cut though.

David Livingstone - 3/10

Have no idea who he appeals to? It can only be 68-year old golfers who don’t like change? Or is he on a hugely long contract with Sky and they can’t afford to pay him off?

Either way although he has the enviable task of trying to get Monty to say something interesting he fails. The coverage when the golf isn’t live is soul destroying and as anchor he takes full responsibility. 

Tim Barter - 2/10

His haircut looks like he’s just got off a flight to Vietnam to join the war effort where he might have been more useful.

Honestly should just let the players come to the Sky Cart thing (Which is quite good) and chat through their shots by themselves without him licking their arses.

Sarah Stirk - 2/10

Fair play to Sky for not just getting some dolly Sky Sports News type in there. She is specific to golf and isn’t stupid.

But she is just so annoying. Up her own arse, snooty and the sexual chemistry between her and Monty when they are on-screen together has meant I haven’t been able to eat for three days now.

Bruce Critchley - 1/10


Colin Montgomerie - 0/10

The anger on Twitter when he’s on the screen is palpable. How do Sky not see this? He stumbles about, chats about himself and has a pop at players who have won more majors than him.

To be fair he was a very good golfer, but he’s an awful pundit and from what I hear an absolute bellend.

Go back to your hotel room, massive plate and Corby trouser press please.

Thinking about it, they are all cut. It's Saturday now so it's time for BBC. Bring on Alliss and his random nonsense and the God that is Ken. On. The. Course.

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