Ken has written us all a letter!

Absolutely buzzing for Ken On The Course tonight and as a special treat Ken was kind enough to write us all a little letter with some tips.

We wouldn't let anyone else get away with such a blatant book plug but Ken is a legend so we let it slide...

Dear #GCW and friends,

Tonight the BBC Golf Team will be coming out of hibernation to bring you live coverage of the Masters Golf from Augusta National.

This morning I have been out on the course filming some Ken on the Course pieces to remind you just how difficult and beautiful this course is. 

The spring sunshine, buzz of the mowers, smell of freshly cut grass, picture perfect azaleas and wickedly difficult greens are simply magical; there is nowhere else quite like it and I love it!!

You will have to watch tonight to find out what will appear from my props bag it might be a football, snooker cue, table tennis bat, flag, toilet brush or something new, I promise you will not be disappointed.

To whet your appetite in preparation for the first Major of the year here are a couple of Ken on the Course tips from my book One Putt to help you Master some of the tricky greens you might be facing in your next Medal.

Watch the pro’s and keep an eye on just how still they remain on those slick Augusta greens

Hand tension

Whatever grip you use, it is essential to avoid hand tension. Strangling the grip inhibits touch and the free swinging of the putter. The correct hand tension will allow you to:

- Regulate the pace and rhythmof the stroke.

- Retain touch and feel.

- Help the putter head to swing.

If you are lacking in confidence you are more likely to grip too tightly. You need your hands working together in unison. 

Whatever grip you use, you should not allow either hand to become too dominant during the stroke. It is very difficult to achieve consistency at impact without your hands working in harmony.

Something which is less evident when watching is how tight the players grip the putter, check out this tip and make sure you too don’t break an egg!!!!

Imagine you are holding two eggs. Grip them tight enough so as drop them but not so tightly that you break the shells.  

On a scale of 1–10, with 10 being as tight as you can squeeze and 1 being just tight enough that the putter doesn’t slip out of your hand, you should be aiming for a 4–5 for the perfect tension. Tiger aims for a tension of 5.

The Benefits

Respecting my three basic grip fundamentals (palms facing, hand tension and hands working together in unison) will help you consistently:

- Deliver the clubhead squarely.

- Allow the sweet spot to strike the ball.

- Judge the ball pace.

- Swing the putter head rhythmically.


Enjoy the golf,


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One Putt by Ken Brown published by Hamlyn

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