The R&A Have Released a 74-page (Yes 74!!) 'Pace of Play' Manual

OK so here goes any potential of media accreditation at The Open but frankly I don’t care. Similarly to our Wentworth article a while back, which mysteriously led to us being denied accreditation for the BMW in favour of the likes of the Guildford Gazette and some absolute two-bob websites.

Anyway, sometimes shit needs to be said!

If you’ve been following over the last month or so you’d have seen #GCW launch the #GetOnWithIt campaign. Along with the gaming app Pinseekerz and Condor Golf System, we wanted to build an army of young golfers to get some change happening.

You guys seem to love it and the campaign will go on throughout the summer culminating at a party around the Ryder Cup with a forum and live stream including the likes of Chubby Chandler and plenty of other big dogs from the game. 

Basically a big community of us holding people to account.


But not the R&A

The R&A on the other hand have taken a different approach. After running a ‘pace of play’ survey where just 6% of their respondents were under 35 they went on to host a two day conference at St Andrews to discuss the issue.

It isn’t a huge leap to assume the invitees were from a similar age bracket. In fact from some dull video on their website I didn’t see one bloke who wasn’t bald.

And moving on from that, and at what would have been great expense, their pièce de résistance is a 74-page ‘Pace of Play’ manual.

Like being at school!

I mean are they fucking backward or what?

They are saying themselves people have time constraints in the modern world and yet expect people to read a 74-page PDF which is as boring as I think anything that has ever been written ever... ever.

They started the ‘process’ in 2014 and now in the middle of 2016 have released a fucking manual that nobody is going to read… it’s actually mindboggling!

If you sift through it there is some common sense stuff in there, normally written in 10 times as many words as necessary, although a lot requires already financially stretched clubs to employ more staff or ask more from them.

Interestingly, but unsurprisingly, there is no mention of technology helping the problem with the likes of Condor which allows golf clubs to monitor players centrally seemingly a very viable option!

Anyway to save you reading the document (sorry… what am I thinking, nobody is going to!) we can give you a quick overview.

My favourite part is this...

“If the facility offers on-course catering, for example a half-way house or carts with food and drink, the staff need to be efficient with service so as not to delay play”

Roughly translated

“Come on Sandra, get a fucking move on with those bacon sandwiches. Make them cook quicker would you? Because normally you’re just dawdling around in there when people come through the ninth!”

There is loads of stuff like this...

“Players need to be made aware of what is expected of them in terms of pace of play. This should be done tactfully, but clearly.”

Like the people reading it need actual tips about how to interact with other human beings in an effective manner?! 

Nah mate, I was going to whisper in their ears to ‘hurry up’ before licking their hair and punching them square in the face.

Here is one of the ‘incentives for good pace of play’

“A free golf ball”

Do they think we are dogs? Go on boy, get around that course in three hours, run in the clubhouse and the man in there will give you a golf ball to chew on. Jesus.


And finally, rate your mates

“Some success in improving pace of play has been noted with peer review systems where each player fills out a “report” card on a fellow-player in the group.”

It’s not fucking Strictly. Besides, if players are slow they will lie. If they are not it’s irrelevant. 

If you have read this and want to see more, perhaps because you suffer badly from insomnia the full R&A manual is here.

If not, get involved with #GetOnWithIt. It’s a lot more likely to work, together we will create a conversation and there is a party at the end.

Just download the app here and join the #GetOnWithIt league which will have regular prizes too!

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