Jason Day's Spider Putter

Who? – TaylorMade
What? – Spider Limited Putters
Why? – You fancy upgrading your Futura
How? – Day’s favourite colour on a putter he can’t stop holing out with

Jason Day is pretty sick at putting. In fact he’s pretty decent at golf too. He’s earnt just over $5m in five months and we’ve still got three more majors to get through. I’d say he’s doing OK at the moment.

In fact because of this, he can pretty much do what the hell he wants and it looks like he has, as TaylorMade have created the Spider Limited, designed to his specifications. 

Named after one of the spiders he was probably playing with in the Outback as a kid, the Spider putter was designed to incorporate the colour red, one of Day’s favourite colours, which is cute.

He tested two models back at the start of the year and would later choose a model that would best suit him. The Spider Limited is mainly black with two red “bumpers” whereas the Spider Limited Red is the one we all saw on the tele last week.

For you techy nerds that want to know some specs, the putter is made from a 304 stainless steel frame combined with a lightweight 6061 aluminium body which enables the weight to be positioned at the “extremities”, as TaylorMade put it.

Both models incorporate a milled pure roll insert with gunmetal finish which apparently aids better forward role. The real test will be on some of the greens we play on! Better forward jumps might be a more accurate description! 

So when can we buy the thing? 29th June. How much will it set us back? RRP is at £199 for the Limited and £229 for the Limited Red, which is not too surprising.

Expensive? Probably justifiable if it’s a Limited Edition. 33”, 34” and 35” lengths for the Limited yet only 35” for the Limited Red, which should be the other way round! 

Will it make you putt better? Give it a go. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it may make going from a standard putter to a saucepan like this. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea though, but if you need any more information on the Spider putter, you’ll find it on the ‘web’!

*Editor pun rating. 5/10. Too simple.

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