Open Venue Muirfield Votes Against Allowing Female Members

Open Venue Muirfield Votes Against Allowing Female Members

I think this is the third article in short succession where I’ve had to use naughty words to get my point across.

I don’t know whether this is down to my poor education giving me a poor arsenal of words at my disposal, a bad upbringing exposing me to said words or a combination of the two.

Or possibly it is the simple fact that sometimes these words are absolutely the most appropriate for certain scenarios, stories and people.

This lunchtime, no doubt over a bottle or two of Blue Nun, the blazered Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers or to give them their less pretentious name as members at Muirfield failed to pass a vote to admit female golfers.

Weirdly needing 67% of a vote to pass any motion the 750-strong membership said no to women in a country run by one.

I absolutely love this game as I’m sure many of you do too but frankly it’s embarrassing that our great sport has these wankers tarnishing its image. People outside the game see a story like this and it sticks in their head and reaffirms any preconception they already had.

For all the good work of Rory, Spieth, Fowler, Day and Willett in making the game look cooler these old pricks take it away.

In a ridiculous letter written before the vote by 30 members wishing to remain the same the arrogance and resistance to any change was staggering.

“Change must come slowly and for choice should be evolutionary. A traditional resistance to change is one of the foundations of our unique position in golf and our reputation.”

Now I don’t give a shit what posh old blokes do in their own time behind closed doors. If they want to sit around wanking each other off with oranges in their mouths then good luck to them but I’m not having their choices affecting the image of the game I love.

I’m not even completely against same-sex clubs per se, but let’s be honest this isn’t an all-female gym where Sandra can run at 2mph on the treadmill without being leered at by blokes.

Fair play to the R&A who made a swift response to the announcement though. Just shows what a media and social media backlash can do to even the likes of this old school governing body!

It remains to be seen what effect the Olympics will have on golf but if it does put the spotlight on and things like this is what the world sees it will be awful. 

People at the top of the game can spout this #GrowTheGame stuff until the cows come home but it will be utterly pointless if they don’t kick up a fuss about ridiculous stuff like the situation at Muirfield.

Rather than sit back and moan, saying this is classic golf and that nothing will ever change, it’s time to fight the old brigade.

Because in 2016, when we are about to have a female President, we can’t have our sport being hurt by what is essentially a bunch of old cunts.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.