Sending David Brent Memes to Golf Journalists Trying to be Hard

Sending David Brent Memes to Golf Journalists Trying to be Hard

Would have just tweeted this to be fair but couldn't fit it in 140 characters. Basically it's sending a funny meme to what I assume are smarmy golf journalists.

Don't normally care about stuff like this but... The random weather delayed and pretty dull PGA Tour Zurich Classic had gone to a Monday playoff.

Three players in it and some American journalist/presenter tweeted this (Think he might be famous over there?) Anyway standard dull stuff that gets in the way of your timeline but noticed Byeong-Hun An was in the playoff who I remember mainly for winning the BMW PGA whilst I was drunk at Wentworth.

So noticed the typical insular American media viewpoint who seem to think golf isn't played outside of the PGA Tour apart from the 'BRITISH OPEN.'

Too tempting to reply...

Cheeky reply, bound to get a bit of love from the internationals and Americans who get annoyed by this dude. And any opportunity to get the little sunglasses dude emoji involved.

After getting a bit of flak on social media in pops a little DM. WEEEEEEEEEE'VE GOTTTTT A BIIIITTTTEEEEERRRRR. 

Has anyone ever uttered the phrase 'I've forgotten more than most people have known' and not been an absolute nob?

The second one we were probably in the wrong. After an article yesterday basically saying ranking golf courses is pretty pointless as it's subjective (incredible article, read it here) an editor from one of these rankings mags DMd us straight away.

To be fair to this guy we did just whip their rankings logo thing off Google and it was slagging them off... but still a great opportunity to use what is a cracking meme.

That's all. Cheers.

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