We All Want This Guy to Break the Hole-In-One Record!

We All Want This Guy to Break the Hole-In-One Record!

With all the rubbish that goes on with the R&A, Muirfield and many others in golf our game can be despairing at times. 

But then you read a story like that of European Tour player Matthew Southgate and this one here and it fills you with hope about how this game we love can do such positive things.

Down at the fantastic St Mellion in Cornwall the PGA pro Darren Gass has his own story to tell and cause close to his heart.

And that’s why he will be playing the same Par-3 hole with a few of his mates from the club for 24-hours straight attempting to break the hole-in-one record for a day!

Davida's Day

Back in 2014 his wife Davida unfortunately passed away after battling pancreatic and liver cancer and ‘Davida’s Day’ was born with an event last year.

“Everyone at St Mellion was fantastically supportive last year, and this year’s event should be a real talking-point. After all, how many times do you get to witness a hole in one?” said Darren.

“I hope that this new idea inspires people to get involved once again, and of course we’re all trying to raise as much money as possible for CLIC Sargent, which was so close to my wife’s heart”.

Last year they played 24-hours straight on the famous Nicklaus course at St Mellion raising £12,000 for the charity.

Last year's team wearing matching gloves!!!!


Just six years before this all happened their whole family was rocked when their 3-month old baby Foster was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given just a 20% chance of surviving. 

But thanks to amazing support from Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital and CLIC Sargent, as well as parents, Foster fought through it and as a healthy 8-year old holed the final putt in last year’s event… what a legend!

So if anyone deserves to break a record for hole-in-ones for a day then it is Darren, Foster and the guys playing with them.

Good luck to all involved. We’re right behind you!

Follow @StMellion here to see the progress of the guys and if you'd like to donate there is a JustGiving Page here.

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