What Not to Wear at a Golf Event (Featuring Some Classics!)

What Not to Wear at a Golf Event (Featuring Some Classics!)

We've had the moles out at Wentworth all week and they've come back with some fantastic photos of fans out at the BMW PGA.

So we've decided to put together a guide on the big no-nos of what to wear when spectating at tournament golf.

And before anyone goes mental it's only tongue-in-cheek (or is it?!)

Remember you are not playing...

Are people planning on going out in the final group? Do they think they can sneak in the player's lounge if they match their belt with their golf shoes? Or do they literally have no other clothes apart from a polo, smart trousers and spikes?

I'm not having any of those. Would be awesome if somebody could drop us a tweet with the morning getting changed mindset... because we are at a loss!

Unless you are the most successful Ryder Cup player of all time avoid tartan...

Now we're up for letting people wear what they want for on a golf course, after all why should adults pay to do something then be told what they can and can't wear?

But why is it that stepping foot on a golf course, when not even playing, people slap on this gear? You wouldn't wear them around Sainsbury's or shopping with the Mrs would you? (She definitely wouldn't let you!)

Everyone has different tastes, I get that, but why not wear it all the time?

Ian Poulter blatantly does it for attention and it's probably served him well with a clothing line and endorsements... but what is the random punters excuse?

Sometimes you must just know yourself right?

Each to their own with tastes and all that but sometimes you must know something looks absolutely shocking when you put it on? Right?

If you don't and your friends haven't mentioned it to you then you could do with some help. Because wearing outfits like this can mean not getting a bird or job.

If on the other hand this is a lost bet or the person is starting a new trend by wearing stuff that is so uncool it's cool then fair enough... we salute you.

Rickie Fowler is cool in spite of the orange trousers...

Rickie Fowler is a good-looking, 27-year old superstar golfer from California. He's one of the world's best players and does motocross in his spare time.

He wore orange in homage to Oklahoma State University and even he has toned that down now... basically because he realised even he couldn't carry it off.

If in any category you are not as a cool as Rickie Fowler than probably best to swerve the orange.

You don't need a Bushnell...

You are so far removed from the professional game you don't realise it. These guys hit the ball so pure and have absolute control of their golf ball... unlike all of us who have no idea.

The work that goes into caddying and the intricasies of lie, yardage, leaves and targets are more than we need to care or know about.

So when we go to golf tournaments it really isn't necessary to know an exact yardage, especially when you aren't close enough to the player to see what club they are hitting, it's irrelevant... and if you are you close enough and can hear the caddie's yardage, I doubt he'll ask for your help.

In addition to that, the pouch attached to the belt... well... it shouldn't need to be talked about.

You're probably not going camping...

Wentworth Golf Club in leafy Virginia Water is not the north face of the Khyber Pass, nor is it Glastonbury with the mudslides and wellies. Honestly the grass is pristine, the walkways are all artificial and unless you are off climbing in the trees trainers will suffice.

Also there are burger vans and refreshments literally everywhere on the course. If you are on a budget then fair enough take a little backpack for your sandwiches but this guy's bag could fit all the top 10 players in, a Henry VIII banquet and the whole merchandise village.

Potentially slightly excessive.

You are not getting the call up

All of the others could be argued. Perhaps you can have different taste, be super-practical or just like to do things you own little way... well fair play to you, live and let live.

But, similarly if you take your football boots to France this summer Roy Hodgson ain't starting you up front, just because you have a glove doesn't mean one of the pros is going to go 'Ah, I don't fancy this one. Can someone hit it for me... but only if they have a glove.'

You're living in a dream world and someone needs to give you a slap. Lose the glove and watch some of the best player's in the world show you how it's done!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.