Could this guy be saving golf?

We moan about golf. I mean we probably moan about golf a lot. But there’s a lot to moan about to be fair.

Whether it be the media, golf clubs up and down the land, slow play or the people running the game at the top old school mentalities and a lack of foresight leave us pissed off.

Everyone reading this will have encountered this mentality somewhere along the line and will have probably had a good moan themselves.

And it’s not because we love moaning. It’s because we love golf. And want the best for it.

So this week when the European Tour’s Chief Executive Keith Pelley did a BBC radio interview our ears pricked up a little bit.

And this time… it wasn’t to have a big moan!

Pelley announced plans for what looks like it could be a more entertaining form of the game taking a long overdue leaf from T20 cricket’s book. Here we’ll go through each one of the possibilities and give the #GCW judgement…

“Six hole matchplay”

Yes. Why not? For years we’ve been saying there are way too many 72-hole strokeplay events. It’s simply not conducive to entertainment over such a long period and missing an hour or two of the action you probably won’t miss much.

Get it on a weeknight, when people are at home in front of the television/wherever they consume their media. Chuck it on at primetime and six or nine holes is all good.

“Probably under lights”

Yes, 100%. Easier to create an atmosphere at nighttime and as above people are actually at home. Plus it is a chance to make a completely different visual spectacle and a chance to break free of any previously held misconceptions about golf.

“There will be music”

100%. Golf is quiet and quite often there isn’t much going on. Get some DJ’s around the stadium and big speakers hanging off the floodlights.

“There will be a shot clock”

Yes, yes, yes. Move away from some of these ridiculous pre-shot routines and just #GetOnWithIt. Take the thought away and just fire at those pins!

“Players will be dressed a little differently”

Yes again. Let people dress how they want. Once again this is a chance to move away from the image that golf is stuffy and you have to wear Pringle sweaters and a certain type of socks!

"It would probably be a country competition. So you could see England playing Scotland in a six-hole matchplay.”

The Ryder Cup shows exactly how making fans partisan creates a way better atmosphere. As much as you can have a favourite golfer most of us don’t really care who wins each week. Get a bit of patriotism in there and that might just change!

"If you're not prepared to change, you're not prepared to be innovative, if you're not prepared to actually take chances, then sports will fall behind."

Bang on. Hopefully Mr Pelley is action as well as talk!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.