A letter to #GCW - Is this a Guinness World Record?

A letter to #GCW - Is this a Guinness World Record?

Dear #GCW,

My name is Moz, Ex-rugby player and average to shit golfer playing off a sometimes bandit handicap of 18 at Kings Norton Golf Club in Birmingham, and this happened about 5 years ago.....

A group of us ex-egg chasers have formed PEGGS (Portugal/Espana Gentlemans Golf Society) who travel to Spain/Portugal to get on the piss and play a bit of "whooshfuck" in the unfamiliar sun.

The PEGGS are made up of the usual group of idiot mates who love golf and beer, not always in that order.

For a number of years we have played Torrequebrada, its 3rd hole is a Par 3 of 72m.

It's the shortest Par 3 we know so instead of fatting or thinning a wedge, we throw the ball, the other players video each other so after several pints of flat Cruzcampo down Fish Alley in Fuengirola we play it back later and watch fat lads throwing like fat girls.

After many years of missing the green, hitting bunkers and one year finding the out of bounds, I threw the ball onto the green and watched the ball disappear into the hole!

It was duly recorded on the scorecard as a one and cost me several bottles of Port on the last night, drunken from the traditional half pint glass.

I emailed the Guinness Book of Records to claim the only/longest hole in one from a throw in a round but have yet to hear back (only five years ago, cant be long until I hear back) but wanted #GCW to endorse my ridiculous claim or at least see if any of your followers can beat me.

May all your second shots be with your trousers up........


I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.