I'm watching women's golf...

Today I sat and watched Ladies golf... This is not something I normally do.

I could tell you the big name players and maybe could tell you who won the last major but past that my knowledge isn't great. I guess a lot of you will be the same.

Anyway... The top two in the world are 18 & 19-years old. You probably do know the star attraction Charley Hull who is 20-years old, playing her home Open at her home course of Woburn. And you've probably heard of some of the star names like Michelle Wie and even Tiger's niece Cheyenne Woods.

But I'd guess you're thinking 'Ah, it's Women's golf, they're not as good as the men. Why would I bother?'

'Ah, they play with the tees up. You know Woburn is 1000 yards shorter than when the men played it last year?'

Lydia Ko with Stenson at The Masters

And do you know what I think the same. We're men, who've often grown up around golf clubs we're conditioned to think like that.

But then whilst watching the action it got me thinking. I don't care what tees they're playing off, the Thai bird leading shot a bogey-free -7 for 65... That's just class golf! Having played Woburn I'd be pretty content with an 85 to be fair!

I'm struck by just how good their short games are and how close they hit it from 100 yards. And by how rhythmical most of their swings are, smooth and deadly accurate unlike the blokes.

Go through the top male players and they are nearly all freakishly long hitters with the possible exception of Spieth. Lydia Ko the standalone number one is by no means long, even in the women's game, but watch her and you can't fail to be impressed.

As a bloke watching other female sports, often physical ones, I'm stupidly put off by thinking 'I wonder of my football team would be England Women?' - It's a pointless question.

But in golf as regular hackers you can't fail to be impressed by the scores these girls stick up.

They dress better, smile more and don't take themselves as seriously as the men. Also they don't seem to be as bothered about the Zika virus... But that's a whole other story!

World Number Two Brooke Henderson, 18

And where the men's game is trying to lengthen courses and trick them up to stunt the bombers and make them look bad, the females game just sets the course out nicely and shows off their talents. It's refreshing.

As a male you can think they look good in a pair of shorts, or think they're fit, that's normal! 

I'm sure it's the same with girls watching the likes of Rickie Fowler and Adam Scott. (I mean even I get a little tweak when Adam is on my screen!)

And do you know what I even keep giggling to myself when a girl shoots 69 which I don't do with the men. But that's probably more a sad indictment of myself.

But forgetting all that sitting here I can't help but being utterly in awe of just how good these girls are and think just how many they'd beat me by! So do yourself a favour. Skip past all your misconceptions and watch the girls on free-to-air TV. You can't help but be impressed!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.