None of this American Country Club crap... This is real golf!

None of this American Country Club crap... This is real golf!

I’m definitely biased but British golf is the best in the world...

Throughout the year when our courses are shut because of biblical rain and when you see Rory and the boys spanking it around the pristine PGA Tour’s Florida resorts in their short sleeves it does challenge you a bit... but we have to hold firm.

For now July has come around and we get to see the pros have a couple of goes in Scotland on what I would call real golf courses at the Scottish, and at the Open Championships.

They don’t need some tricked up greens or 300-yard Par-3’s to defend them, they use their natural hazards from both land and sky. And do you know what, if someone breaks par fair play to them.

Golf wasn’t designed to be played by robots. Robots who get a yardage and hit it that distance through the air after years of pounding balls on a driving range. 

Your green mapper or caddy walking the course on a Wednesday won’t help you here. The course is different everyday.

Golf was designed to be a game of feel and skill. Adapting to the changing elements and thinking, battling and grinding your way around.

A bit of artistry and imagination. A bit of mental fortitude to scrap against the best that mother nature can throw at you.

Us regular British golfers see July golf as our respite!

Even a chance to get our handicap down without the worries of the club flying out our hands or the fact our fingers might drop off from the cold!

So in a sick way we quite like the best in the world encountering our troubles.

Some of these pros, not all of them, seem to have a look of resignation or a wry smile when the wind picks up a bit and they might not be able to whack an 8-iron 190 yards through the air and stop it within an inch.

This is real golf.

No flat 10-star resorts with manicured bunkers that players hope their bad shots go in. 

No ridiculous length courses that limit who can even win the tournament. And absolutely no predicting what is going to happen.

It’s just the golfer up against the land, the sky and those few inches between the ears.

And we can’t wait to see it.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.