Why there shouldn't be a dress code in golf...

I know this is a divisive subject, even with the #GCW faithful, but I don’t see the point in a dress code on a golf course.

I know a load of people are going to say we need to ‘keep standards’ or it’s the ‘etiquette of the game’ or something like that and fair enough… I just disagree with you.

I fail to see how this is unacceptable…

Yet this is fine…

Or how this isn’t allowed…

But this is OK?

Clothing is a matter of taste and in somewhere like a golf club where there is a wide spread of ages then having a code where people have to dress the same is just plain weird. I mean I loved my old Grandad but neither of us would have wanted to wear the other’s gear, nor would we have liked to meet in between!

But forgetting personal tastes. The problem goes much deeper. It genuinely affects golf, it affects golf’s image and it affects the money and growth of the game.

I can already hear people saying ‘Nobody is put off playing the game because they have to wear a polo shirt.’ and to an extent I agree, you can get nice polos.

It’s the fact you are told to wear polos. Golf has numerous image issues and this is just one of them.

Slow play is a long and complex issue that may take a while to fix.

Golf dress code and fashion could be fixed overnight. A paradigm shift, probably instigated by someone like Nike, or maybe a golf club group could do it and others would follow when they saw the people flocking in.

Golf shoes are trending so far towards trainers that there is little differentiating them these days and finding those golf clubs that are fussy about what socks you wear is getting trickier. 

You can probably get away with wearing a polo untucked at most places these days if it is nicely tailored.

So, this is a challenge to golf clubs out there. Go hard and abandon your dress code and see what happens… I mean really what are you scared of?

People are more image conscious these days than ever before and I don’t know an adult that wears the dreaded football shirt anywhere.

Surely the bottom line and encouraging a new generation to play the game is more important than anything else?

I mean as long as people respect each other on the course then who the hell gives a shit what other people are wearing.

We’ve all got enough to worry about with family, kids, exams, work and Brexit to be bothered about some guy on the eighth fairway who happens to be wearing a T-shirt.

Someone wearing a T-shirt isn't lowering standards. But when a golf club can't afford to renovate their clubhouse for 30 years then surely that is?

So do something about it, let’s change the game.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.