Why Justin Rose isn’t a complete melt...

Why Justin Rose isn’t a complete melt...

If Justin Rose was a normal guy he’d be an accountant.

He’d wear a sensible suit to work, where he hasn’t missed a day for nine years, before he gets home and has the same meal he has every Thursday. Maybe a Margarita pizza.

He’d order tap water when he goes out for dinner and would look forward to a Sunday where he could get stuck into some gardening.

He’d be beige. He’s a nice guy but he’s not the first person you ring when you’re arranging a big night out.

But Justin Rose isn’t an accountant, he’s one of the best golfers on the planet.

He won a fantastic US Open as well as plenty of big PGA and European Tour events. And yet he still isn’t the star he might be. The likes of Poulter, Westwood, Donald and in more recent times the likes of Willett and Beef are seemingly more popular and arguably none of these have been as successful as Rose.

Perhaps this is just his character. He’s pretty straight down the line, loves an official hashtag on Twitter and doesn’t really say anything too controversial.

But everyone is different. Maybe Justin is just being himself. Maybe he doesn't mean to be cringey when he talks with his mate Niall from One Direction or Justin Timberlake, or when he does post round interviews. Maybe that’s just him.

Maybe he’s just a nice guy… Maybe we’re being harsh?!

What I did like from Rose was how proud he was to represent his country at the Olympics. How passionate he was in the run up and how he prioritised it when his peers were dropping like flies. In this he was staunch.

Then when he is on the course he isn’t a nice guy. He is an absolute competitor. Combining immense talent and a swing to die for with extreme and an almost obsessive competitiveness that all these top athletes share.

This isn’t something your run of the mill accountant has.

And then when it came to Sunday and he was pitted against Henrik Stenson in a matchplay situation he didn’t waiver, in fact he thrived. Mere mortals would have watched Stenson’s display at The Open, which was one of the greatest golfing displays of all time, and backed down.

But not Justin Rose. His pitch to the last showed not only amazing touch and skill but some serious balls.

And then once he got on the podium he was loud and proud. Belting out the national anthem in front of Stenson and Kuchar without a care in the world. You might even say it was inspiring from the Margarita man!

We’ve seen this before from Rose. Where he seemingly gets some kind of outer body experience and turns into a gladiator. We all remember the epic golf at Medinah against Phil and the aggressive pose. Absolutele class.

Maybe it’s a team thing. Maybe it’s a patriotic thing. But as a fan, as a Brit and as a golf fan, I’d love to see more of it, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

We want to see no more Mr Nice Guy. Someone who speaks their mind and isn’t a tidy but content Top 10 golfer in the world, but a beast who wants to smash people and be number one in the world.

Justin Rose has the game, and we’ve seen glimpses of the passion, so let’s see them more often. 

You can’t help who you are but if you are an accountant, be the best fucking accountant in the world!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.