A 16-year old's view on who inspires young golfers...

As a young golfer I look up to the pros I see on the telly and get inspired by them.

I get inspired to go grab my clubs, go up the range and smack some balls as far as they do. But different golfers seem to have different effects on young people as they do to the older generation. 

Here are my Top Five golfing inspirations for me and some of my golfing friends...


At the top goes the one and only Beef

This guy has got to be the new number one inspiration to the young generation. 

After watching him play at The Open he helped show that everyone can play golf. Even though he looks like he should be working in HMV he’s made golf cool. 

Beef is also a good inspiration as he likes to interact with his followers on Twitter and seems to genuinely appreciate the attention he gets. 


This is the person everyone inspires to be, every kid who plays golf will tell you their inspiration is Rory. 

Although he said himself he doesn’t play to inspire he does. He does it pretty well, because of his talent and his ability to play the game and that’s who everyone wants to be. 


Spieth is a big influence on the junior generation because of his age. At only 21 winning a green jacket is a massive achievement and because of this many young people have the dream to do the same.

For me at the age of 16 in less than five years that could be me... But only if I stop playing PS4 till 3 in the morning. 


Henrik stenson is like that cool Dad that you never had. He’s that Dad that teaches you how to play golf perfectly and then takes you to the junior tournaments and caddies for you where of course going to win! 

Watching him play he’s so composed and calm which I think is helping young people when they play. I’ve seen the tantrums and the snapped clubs before. 


Danny Willett is a great inspiration to junior golfers all over Britain. To see a British player win The Masters and do it so well has inspired so many to take up our beautiful game.

Britain have quite a weird way of doing sport, they’re either really good, really bad or it’s full of upset. But because of Danny’s tremendous win I can only see British golf getting better and better. 

And aswell as his winning ways he does have quite a funny brother! 

16 year old junior golfer, lazy teenager and Beef fan.