We’re Bringing Sexy Black

We’re Bringing Sexy Black

As this title suggests, we are bringing sexy black, or at least up for a bit of discussion. Black irons matter, so here’s a few of the best….

Who? – Callaway
What? – Apex Black
Why? – Black’s the new silver
How? – A pretty tidy job at offering more from the Apex range


What Callaway tell us...

Callaway are the number one brand in golf and Apex is one of the most iconic names in golf equipment and with the Apex black, we’ve lived up to our name. Apex is also the number one Callaway iron line up on tour and it's our number one super premium iron ever. 

The irons feature a 360 face cup technology in the 3-7 irons, which promotes big distance. The progressive offset, sole widths, CG height and notch weighting provide scoring performance from your long irons down. Our multi piece construction delivers an excellent combination of distance, feel and control.

We worked with our shaft partners to create two excellent stock options. A True Temper XP 95 steples shaft and a new blacked out UST recoil. Additional premium aftermarket shafts are available at no extra cost. As we have made these a custom option only, you can customise the make up of your set at no extra charge in the following; 4-PW 5-PW, 4-AW, 5-AW, depending on what you want in the bag. 

All irons come with a blacked out LTX Lamkin grip and RRP is £999 steel and £1249 graphite

What we say...

First things first, Callaway like to big themselves up. The “number one brand in golf” have put their balls out on the table with these. If you don’t like these, then you probably won’t like much Callaway have to offer. They’re super premium!! . 

To the 10-36 handicapper, they look great. If you’re sub 10 then you won’t be considering any black irons, ever. The blacked out grips improve the looks further and if you went for the graphite shaft, you’d have some pretty sick looking clubs. 
The technology spiel ensures that if you bought them, they’d go further than you’ve ever hit before, but irons with a high CG usually fly. They’ve also got a much softer face than some of the premium irons, which will increase feel substantially. 

If you’re looking to spend big, then the Apex Black from Callaway are a solid choice. You can pick the spec and set you want, and if you’re one of those guys who likes an ‘Attack Wedge’, you have that option. These irons are so custom, that they are custom only, which does price out 100% of the pay and play group! 

In terms of bringing sexy black, we like them. Just not the price tag!


Who? – Nike
What? – Vapor Fly Pro Black
Why? – You want a collectors item
How? – Forgiveness and distance in a more tour preferred profile. Simple.


What Nike tell us...

- Modern muscle balances the CG in the centre of the face for the highest stability and purest feel
- RZN enhanced construction for lower and deeper weighting and a hgher ball flight
- Flexible Nexcor faces and flybream reinforced chassis work in concert to deliver fast and consistent ball speeds across a wider area
- Hollow cavity long irons (2, 3, 4, 5) for superior forgiveness
- RZN pocket mid irons (6, 7, 8) combine stability with refined feel
- RZN cavity short irons (9, P, A) allow shotmaking creativity
- Professional profiles for enhanced workability 

What we say...

NIke have broken up with us. It’s over. A relationship that has brought only good things to the world of golf, mainly Tiger and Rory. The clubs they’ve produced over the years have matched the quality of brand ambassadors and must we say it’s a sad, sad day that they are departing the club market. 

Now we’ve got the sob story out the way, let’s make sense of that waffle. These irons have been out since the start of the year and it’s not something you’re going to see on tour. So if you’re buying these in the hope that Rory’s going to put these in his bag as they’re for the ‘better player’, you’ll be wrong. The unorthodox design may put some people off further, but if you’re buying black irons then you’re definitely wanting something different. These certainly stand out. 

Price wise they’re much more affordable, but still dear. RRP was £699 when they were released but I’m sure if you pop into your nearest pro shop you’d probably end up paying significantly more now Nike are no more!


Who? – Cobra
What? – King Forged Black
Why? – You follow Rickie’s snapchat and are inspired by how well he plays with these after 7 pints.
How? – Actually used on tour. These are why you buy black irons.


What Cobra tell us...

The King irons offer tour proven performance with the soft feel and precision demanded by our best golfers. 

Cavity back design in the mid and long irons provide great forgiveness, and a muscle back design in the short irons enables great precision, workability and accuracy for attacking the pin. Create the right combination for your game. 

Strategically placed tungsten inserts in the top help move the centre of gravity to the centre of the club for great precision and shot making.

A 10-25 carbon steel head is forged five times to deliver a more refined grain structure and precision shaping that provides soft yet solid feel on every shot. CNC milled faces and wedge style grooves also deliver maximum spin and more consistent launch trajectories.

What we say...

Yes they’ve been out since the start of the year but these are the only ones seen to be played by a tour player. So the first question is answered clearly. They must be good. 

They also look very sleek. You have these in the bag and people may start noticing your clubs for the right reasons, apart from the fact you’ve bought black irons!  As with the Callaways, the set is customisable. From 2-GW and you’re able to switch between CB and MB, like the good old days of Pro Combos. 

We’ve had the pleasure of testing these and we can tell you that the verdict was very good. The MB’s felt exceptional off the face and if you’re half decent you’ll be able to play well with the blades. If you’re not brave enough for blades, then the CB’s were forgiving and felt just as good! 

They come with Cobra Lamkin UTX grips and KBS tour shafts. A strong set up.

RRP was £749 at launch.

I'm #GCW Equipment Editor. I like golf clubs and puns. I dislike three putting.