The Different Types of Society Golfers... Coming to a Course Near You!

The Different Types of Society Golfers... Coming to a Course Near You!

Most clubs welcome societies with open arms.

Societies are great for the club’s bank balance, but can also become a major inconvenience to staff and members alike.

Days often begin with an undercooked bacon bap and a coffee, quickly polished off by optimistic jovial society members – consisting of golfers across the spectrum from four handicappers to 'Put me off 28' or 'What’s the highest?'

Whether it's 18 holes followed by lunch or a full day including a 36 hole marathon, the range will be packed 20 minutes before the society tee off, and the putting green 10 minutes after that. Course adorned with Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive markers... the stage is set.

Allotted tee times are often started late as un-prepared society members nervously hit their first tee shot of the day, under pressure from the haggle of fellow players applauding good shots and jeering the bad ones.

The majority will be waiting for the green to clear on a 345yd Par 4 only to spray the brand new overpriced Pro-V they have just purchased from the pro shop into the dense woods.

One thing is for sure, that society playing will fall into one or more of the categories below...


The John Daly Appreciation Society

They think it’s cool to wear luminous trousers and a shirt that will make John proud. Each player trying to outdo the next; queue ridiculous head wear and material that resembles my gran's old curtains.


The Stella Can Brigade

Bags filled to the brim with pint sized cans of Belgium’s finest, often well-oiled from the off following a quick few 'nerve settlers' in the bar beforehand.

Always ends up with raucous behaviour echoing around the course from the terrace overlooking the 18th green as fellow groups trudge in.

This will be followed by drinking games in the bar and will almost certainly upset most if not all of the bar staff – all be it the bar's takings will be that of Apple for the day.


The Well Dressed – Serious Society

Blazer – check

Tie – check

Bronze Trophy – check

Super organised and well-rehearsed in etiquette often made up from the older generation.


The Beginners Society

Not an under 18 handicapper in sight, no understanding of gimmies or of picking up after they’ve used their two shots up on the Par 3 – SI 5. Five hour plus rounds – very likely!

Pro shop ball sales through the roof!


The 'All the Gear' Crew

Moto caddy trolley, Bushnell in hand and dressed as if they have a major sponsorship with a top brand – often matching their bag, clubs and balls.

Will insist in using the range finder stood next to the 150yd marker citing that 'it’s in between clubs.'

Final thoughts

We all enjoy playing society golf and clubs love them, however we are all very quick to begrudge them when they rock up at our course – whichever type of group they maybe!

The truth in the matter is that clubs need society’s, after all how else will Pete the Pro be able to drive around in his sponsored BMW 3 series?!

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