Follow up to 'Turned away for wearing a jumper' article...

Follow up to 'Turned away for wearing a jumper' article...

This article yesterday about being sent away from a golf club for not having a collar had a lot of attention so thought I’d do a follow up…

If you didn’t manage to read it have a look here. It will open in a new tab and then you can come back here.

As in similar pieces of this type I’ll respond to those who disagree with me (a lot!) to hopefully give some balance.

Anyway, here goes…

You are scruffy

Got this loads, which was funny. One guy even said I had no self-respect for myself which he managed to obtain from a selfie in my mum’s bathroom.

A quick Google shows scruffy to be defined as ‘shabby and untidy or dirty’.

In my defense my jumper is fairly new and was freshly washed (a benefit of staying at your mum’s for a couple of weeks) and the shorts were new.

The clothes tend to fit reasonably well too, despite the difficulty of finding clothes that fit someone who is both skinny and fat at the same time (a non-benefit of staying at your mum’s house for a couple of weeks)

But my argument would be it is totally subjective.

Is this scruffy?

Is what I was wearing more or less ‘scruffy’ than a 25 stone dude with a giant polo with a collar and gut hanging out?

What about people who are unshaven, have a giant beard or have long hair? Are they scruffy? What about dreadlocks?

How about those people with dirty golf shoes? Unironed shirts or trousers?

Or people whose clothes simply don’t fit them correctly?

Or my favourite, the ones who potter about the clubhouse with hat hair?

It just seems totally subjective so the thing I find weird is how the humble collar is the line in the sand. And has been forever, despite changes in fashion and culture.



Now this one I will admit to.

Although I didn’t check the dress code I do know many golf clubs have certain dress codes. I’ll even admit to chancing my arm the odd time and even abusing my position.

As for the golf club in question, Perranporth GC, the aim of my article was certainly not to disrespect them. In fact as I stated it is in fact a marvellous and scenic golf course, one of my favourites and I would urge anyone who gets the chance to get down there, they will definitely enjoy themselves if they stay out of the dunes!

Perranporth GC

The article was though aimed at golf’s dress codes and culture as a whole and was intended to create interest and garner opinions. After all that is my job.

I completely respect a member’s clubs rights to set their own rules. Even though I may disagree with some of them.

I completely respect people’s right to an an opinion. Even though they may disagree with me.

But I don’t have to respect something I don’t agree with. And am well prepared to face the consequences of that.


This one was covered in a previous article but it still came back.

Once again there is what seems to be an unfounded link between the risk that people not wearing traditional golf attire will somehow not respect the course, replace divots, not shout FORE, not rake bunkers and generally behave badly. I’ve heard them all.

I’d like to think despite my jumper I am very conscious of all of those things and am a huge believer in traditional etiquette, which is basically good manners. 

I’d even go as far as saying it would be a good idea if golf clubs verbally let members and visitors know this is what is expected of them when they come to a course as to respect others. Rake the bunkers, replace divots, play at a decent pace etc.

Not replacing divots should carry a prison sentence

But the ‘standards’ in dress again is utterly subjective. Rules were put in place a long time ago, basically to keep the poor people, and basically anyone who is different out… so why not admit it and move forward?

'But it’s a part of golf’s tradition and we like it' I hear a lot say.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, elitism and class prejudice are also huge parts of golf’s tradition too.

There used to be ‘standards’ of keeping black people out or basically anyone that the rich old white guys didn’t like. 

Being in the majority doesn’t make you right.

And some funnier ones…

Rob Acko - You got turned away for being a dull cvnt who dresses like a sack of sh1t

Actually don’t mind this one, pretty funny!

Darren Miller - I've dressed better going to the driving range... I get it that some of the rules can be a bit naff around dress, but fuck me you can't tip up looking like a student 1 day off laundry day and expect no one to pull you

Most of the people’s clothes I knew one day of laundry day at Uni had snakebite all over them! 

Luke Daniel S -  Just wear a fucking polo top and get on with it you hashtag prick.

‘Hashtag prick’ is my new favourite saying.

Alistair Farrant -  I get that golf should be for everyone - but you look like you've just woken up on a park bench the morning after a stag do... Can't blame the club or the lack of collar this time

You’ve obviously never been on a decent stag do Alistair!

Ryan Grant -  I can swim effectively bollock naked or in my pants but it's not the done thing is it. I really don't see the issue and usually whoever moans about the dress code is doing so just to be "different". A polo shirt and trousers isn't expensive by anyone's standard so quit whinging.

Swimming with your bollocks out in public may be slightly different to playing a round of golf on a Saturday evening by yourself!

Danny Heard - To be fair there's no need for that jumper in any walk of life!

Haha, fair. All fashion choices should be open to ridicule. A little look through your Facebook photos shows that Danny!

Eoghan Lenihan -  Crying for attention article

Yep, that’s kind of the point mate.

There is skinydipping and there is skinnydipping

There is skinydipping and there is skinnydipping



Once again it is not the biggest issue in golf but what was interesting is people disagreeing got very passionate and even angry about it… with many resorting to personal abuse to someone they don’t even know!

Again in my opinion (have to keep stressing this!) the collar is almost insignificant when compared to the attitude of some. There seems to be an ingrained attitude in golf clubs, members and players against change and anything that is slightly different.

I’m happy to open myself up to ridicule and even abuse to make a point which I know not everyone agrees with, not even everyone at #GCW.

But many do inside golf.

And so many outside.

Meaning many potential new golfers, and their money, could be collared by other sports or pastimes.

Stay tuned for article from another #GCW writer who basically has a different opinion on the matter...


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