The New Callaway Fusion Driver

The New Callaway Fusion Driver

Who? – Callaway
What? – Big Bertha Fusion
Why? – As if there’s more forgiveness?
How? – Using the old Fusion technology to make the new Fusion better!

The Big Bertha Fusion is the latest edition to the Big Bertha family, an ever growing family that still keeps reproducing like Katie Price, but in a good way.

The Fusion has grown up, it has matured into something Callaway are preaching as their most forgiving driver ever. Yes we’ve heard this a million times over, from every brand going, but have they actually done so, or is it just another reason for us to get our credit cards out?


To bore you with some of the tech, here’s now they’ve done it...

They’ve reinstated fusion, hence the name, which started knocking about in 2004 which was the same year Janet Jackson’s boob was exposed by Justin Timberlake during the superbowl halftime show and most of you us hadn’t even picked up a golf club.

In a nutshell, it uses titanium for strength and carbon fibre for weight saving but this time round, the carbon fibre is 65% lighter and 35% thinner than previous editions. This has equated to a 17% increase in MOI (forgiveness) over the XR16. 


There’s a few other bits that have changed as well...

For one, the crown is not the traditional round shape you find in most Dunlop drivers. The ‘blunt back head’ is said to improve looks at address and help increase that all important MOI, whilst also improving acoustics. The fact that Callaway are looking to improve the sound of the club either means they’re running out of ideas, or have thought of everything... you choose.


The aerodynamics have also been improved...

The Callaway lot have been down at Boeing again bagging free flights just so they can give the all clear on the shape of the new drivers! We know Callaway, we know!

In all seriousness, Boeing have helped develop a speed step in the crown which ensures maximum club head speed every drive. 

As much as Callaway are shouting about forgiveness, they have also reduced the length of the shaft to 44.5 inches from the 45.75 inches the XR16 had. Now an inch and a quarter is considered to be quite a significant change as this helps with control, thus finding more fairways.

Of course you can have a standard length if that’s what you suit in two very strong options, a UST recoil shaft, or Mitsubishi’s Diamana red.

*No sexual innuendos were made during time of writing*


So what are the options?

This comes in 9, 10.5 and 13.5 HT degree lofts with an adjustable hosel for those wanting to tweak their driver further and then pursue to tell their mates about what setting it’s on, when really none of us give a toss.

Callaway have released fairways as well with the impending Fusion driver, which like with any fairway, is a smaller version of the driver. They’ll come in 15, 18 and 21 degrees where the latter is specifically designed for use off the ladies tees. 


RRP is £369 for the driver and you are likely to see this in your local pro shop at the end of September. The fairways come in at a mere £229 so it looks like you’ll need your credit cards after all!


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