#Sweatergate - Not all of #GCW agree on dress code!

#Sweatergate - Not all of #GCW agree on dress code!

Ever walked three miles dressed like a hobo, got turned away from a golf course and then got so upset that you wrote about it and published it to 110k people? My managing editor has.

You can read it here...
If there is such a thing, then I would class myself as a rational traditionalist. I prefer Test Cricket at Lords to a T20 at Edgbaston, but I like to attend both and see the merits in both.

From this strange position I plan on explaining to our founder, Managing Editor and visionary leader why, on this occasion, he’s in the wrong. And I’ll do it without even mentioning that I think he did this on purpose to get publicity for the site … damn it, too late. 
If you don’t see my name on a byline again then you know that he took it personally and overlooked my blatant attempt of ass kissing above. 

Let’s get stuck in from the top…

- The poor fella in the pro shop is just enforcing someone else’s rules – don’t give him a hard time.

- The view might be nice up there but it’s time to climb down from your high horse and get some #GCW polo’s printed up so that you can still advertise and be allowed on the course at the same time. Preferably in a navy because it is both slimming and brings out my eyes.

- Man up! It was beautiful on Saturday – why were you wearing a jumper in the first place?!
Now, I completely agree that we need to open our game up to new audiences and that we shouldn’t put unnecessary barriers between us and new members. If the club had turned away someone who had never played golf before and was coming for his first round and experience of the game, I would feel very differently.  
In his response to some of the outpouring of abuse that he faced he actually helped form the argument for the other side of this debate; fashion is subjective.
What I think looks good, someone else in my club may find offensive and vice versa. We cannot turn people away because we dislike the way they are dressed or because they have a different taste to us and that is why in my opinion a dress code is actually helpful. It takes personal taste out of the equation and places us all on a level playing field.

If your fashion icon is a young Ian Poulter or John Daly then you’ll be allowed to look like a bellend and get on the golf course and that upsets me. But at the same time, I don’t want to play golf in jeans and a hoodie and I don’t want to see anyone else do that either. 
How many clubs out there are really completely crazy on dress code these days? The vast majority of clubs that I’ve played at only have two dress code rules left – shirt with a collar and no jeans. Are they really being so unreasonable?

*Ed Comment - Yes.

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