Ryder Cup Profile #5 - 'The best thing to come out of Bristol since Banksy'

Ryder Cup Profile #5 - 'The best thing to come out of Bristol since Banksy'

Age - 28

Nationality - English

Nickname - Woody

Little known fact - He's Banksy

Chris Wood nailing the corporate shot

Mini Profile

Lanky Bristolian and avid Bristol City fan, whose famous fans include Baldrick from Blackadder and ermmm Chris Wood himself.

The injury ravaged Wood won the BMW PGA at Wentworth this season after a long layout with a wrist problem caused by the excitement of a Bristol City promotion, before a neck injury from too much golf with Andy Sullivan.


Most likely to….

Rip the back of his trousers while lining up a putt…..while shooting a 5 under par 66.


Least likely to say...

Up the Gas


Celebration if he wins...

Few WKD's with the lads down Chasers (If you know you know)

Chris Wood nailing Chasers


Could he beat Patrick Reed in a fight?

With his orangutan like reach he could hold Reed at arm's length whilst steadily booting him in the balls. A sight many would love to see!



Imagine a cross between Peter Crouch and that Josie from Big Brother (and other shit TV things that my Mrs watches.)


Chris Wood nailing Josie Gibson... not literally.

Music taste

We're stitching him up here because when we asked him for an article he did give us three tracks but one of them was the most random Michael Jackson tune 'A place with no name.'

Have a listen here and tweet him abuse here. Shocking. (Links will open in new tab so you can banter him but come back to here!


Weak Point?

He won’t be able to carry any under-performing partners with his dodgy back.


If he wasn’t a golfer?

Most likely be a towering Centre Back for Bristol City – rumour has it he had trials….

Chris Wood nailing hair


Can he actually play golf though?

Winner of the BMW PGA Champ and over 800,000 Euros to boot, and winner of the Lyoness Open in the previous year, all after a 5-month layoff.

A pure striker, with the Mizuno’s sounding crisp from his easy flowing swing. The Americans should not underestimate Woody and ignore the pairing of ‘The Smiling & Silent Assassins’ at their peril!

Quiet & reserved, the Americans might see all 6 ft 5 off him coming but they won’t expect him. Relatively unknown on the PGA Circuit – we truly believe Woody will be our silent assassin, chewing up Ryder Cup points quietly and effectively. The talk will be about Woods but it should be about Wood.

Should he win his matches there will be no Poulteresque vein popping, but more of a goofy grin, that will annoy Love 3’s Crew even more.

We would love to see him…….. wipe the smirk from Patrick Reeds chubby little cheeks, with a 5&4 humiliation.


Ryder Cup Ultimate Team Europe Stats

(POP - Popularity, SEXY - How fit is he? INTIM - How scared will the Americans be? LAD - How much of a lad is he? FORM - What's his form like? TWIT - How good is he on Twitter? OVERALL rating in the top left corner)

Proper down to earth lad who has a bit of banter on Twitter and is a regular winner on tour. He loves #GCW, we love him and could be the surprise package at Hazeltine!

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